Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Get Elgado Tickets

Wear the garb of the Guild and the Royally-appointed when you collect Elgado Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Like vanilla Monster Hunter Rise, there are several unique armor sets or upgrades to lower-rarity armor sets in Sunbreak that require a special item to craft: the Elgado Ticket. Like the Kamura Ticket before it, there isn’t a hyper-efficient way to farm these rare upgrade materials, but you can somewhat game the system.

Where to Find Elgado Tickets in Sunbreak

Don’t expect to get your hands on an Elgado Ticket for at least a few hours in the campaign. You receive your first five tickets after completing the Master Rank 2-3 conversion quest Garangolm Gone Mad.

Once you’ve felled your first Garangolm, return to Elgado and speak to Admiral Galleus. He’ll give you five Elgado Tickets and send you on your way.

From this point on, you’ll receive a single Elgado Ticket from Galleus for every five or so Master Rank quests you complete.

The number of quests you need to complete to receive a Ticket does not seem to be affected by the rank of the quests you complete. Five or so MR2 quests will award the same Ticket as five MR5 quests. The only real difference is the rarity and quality of the materials you receive from the monsters.

If you absolutely must get as many Elgado Tickets as possible, shotgunning the lower MR quests is a good way to do it. If you want to upgrade your gear consistently as you play through the campaign, better to simply play normally and pick up tickets as they come available.

What You Can Make with Elgado Tickets

You use Elgado Tickets to forge unique armor, specifically the Lecturer, Medium, and Channeler sets, as well as most of the sets you receive from specific NPCs around Elgado.

You won’t receive these requests from Palicos or Kamura NPCs. Only the NPCs in Guild outfits — Arlow, Galleus, several Chevaliers, and other Royally appointed characters — or other Humans will provide the side quests awarding Elgado Ticket armor.

Elgado Tickets are not used in crafting or upgrading weapons received from NPCs, no matter their location. The Tickets are used solely for armor. There’s so much in the Sunbreak expansion that we’ll cover it for a long time. Check out our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub for plenty of coverage now and a while after launch, including how to meld faster, where to farm Pale Extract, and how to get Anomaly Tickets.


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Published Jun. 30th 2022

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