Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Get Anomaly Tickets

Part of the endgame in Monster Hunte Rise revolves around getting Anomaly Tickets. Here's how to get your hands on them.

After completing the first MR6 quest in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, your Master Rank unlocks but is capped at 10. Once you reach 10, you’ll be sent to investigate a strange phenomenon named “The Anomaly.” Your first fight will be against an Anomaly-afflicted Arzuros that will wipe the floor with you if you aren’t prepared.

Afflicted monsters hit harder, inflict Malzeno’s Bloodblight, and have massive health pools even compared to the toughest monsters you fought in the main campaign. They’re also required to unlock most Rarity 10 weapons, as the materials required only come from Anomaly quests.

Additionally, special armor and weapons take a separate currency: Anomaly Tickets. This guide will cover where they come from and how to farm them.

Where to Find Anomaly Tickets in Sunbreak

After completing the Anomaly one-star quest Anomaly Research: Arzuros, you’ll receive five Anomaly Tickets from Bahari the Scientist in the Central Plaza of Elgado, near the Tea Shop. His dialog bubble will be pink, matching the activity color of Anomaly quests.

Bahari will provide additional Anomaly tickets at the same rate Fugen and Galleus do for Kamura Tickets and Elgado Tickets, respectively. Approximately every five Anomaly quests you complete will see Bahari awarding an Anomaly Ticket. Therefore, these are a much more limited resource than standard monster parts, so choose where you spend them wisely.

How to Farm Anomaly Tickets

I don’t recommend taking on many of the Anomaly quests when they become available. You’re better off increasing your Master Rank to the cap and grinding more for your preferred weapon or whatever goal you have for yourself. Make your way to Master Rank 20 at least, then start the Anomaly Ticket farm described below.

The best way to farm Anomaly Tickets is to pick a monster you know you can beat quickly and consistently. Your goal here is to complete as many Afflicted quests as you can as fast as you can. As you gather more Rarity 10 weapons, you can move off of the lower rank Anomaly quests and farm for materials for other weapons. Early on, however, focus on the easiest option for you.

And that’s how you get Anomaly Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. You’ll spend dozens of hours getting to the Afflicted monster fights and hours more making your way up through the Master Ranks. Check out our other Sunbreak guides in the meantime, including how to farm Monster Slogbone, Awegite, Twisted Stiffbone, Eltalite Ore, and a host of other topics. Our Rise guides hub has even more.


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Published Jul. 14th 2022

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