Vital to endgame upgrading, King Armor Spheres are a rare commodity in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Make them a little more common with the tips in this guide.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Get King Armor Spheres

Vital to endgame upgrading, King Armor Spheres are a rare commodity in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Make them a little more common with the tips in this guide.
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As you near the final few quests in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak story campaign, upgrading your armor will be expensive enough that Heavy Armor Spheres no long do much to fill the progress bar. Every upgrade level, of which there will be four or five, will cost 800 points, and Heavy Armor Spheres only grant 200 each. You need King Armor Spheres, and lots of them.

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King Armor Spheres provide the 800 points you need to upgrade in a single item, rather than four. Getting your hands on them, however, is another matter entirely.

Where to Find King Armor Spheres in Sunbreak

Like Heavy Armor Spheres before them, there are two main ways to get King Armors Spheres in Sunbreak. However, neither of them is efficient until very late in the campaign, and they don’t become truly farmable until you’ve beaten the final boss and started the Master Rank 6 endgame grind.

King Armor Sphere Source 1: Endgame Optional Subquests

Once you unlock your Master Rank cap for the first time, Optional Subquests will no longer provide Heavy Armor Spheres, only King Armor Spheres. As with our guide to the Heavy items, we recommend always having five Subquests active and turning them in every time you head back to Elgado or Kamura.

If you’re running short of crafting materials and aren’t too worried about hunting another monster right away, pick up the top three Subquests, which are always gathering-related. Complete them in an Expedition, head back to the Outpost, and turn them in, then repeat as many times as you want.

You’ll be rewarded with plenty of King Armor Spheres and lots of mats for making base-level weapons, potions, and the like.

King Armor Sphere Source 2: Endgame and High-Level Master Rank Quests

While not as frequent a reward as Heavy Armor Spheres, you receive one or two King Armor Spheres for completing high-level Master Rank quests, usually five-star and above.

Afflicted monsters, the actual endgame challenges, are the best source, though the time it takes to hunt one makes farming them somewhat inefficient. Still, if you want those Rarity 10 weapons, you’ll be hunting plenty of Afflicted anyway.

Master Rank five and six-star quests award King Armor Spheres, and since they provide the materials necessary to make all the Rarity 9 and below weapons, you’re likely to spend more of your time in them to build out your arsenal.

Those are your best methods of getting King Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. If you’re farming them while hunting Afflicted monsters, expect to get more than a few Anomaly Tickets. Hunting with Followers is also a fun way to get more. Check out our Rise guides hub for more coverage now and in the coming days and weeks.

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