Take on the Elders and claim their Pure Dragon Blood in this guide to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Get Pure Dragon Blood

Take on the Elders and claim their Pure Dragon Blood in this guide to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

There are hundreds of new monster materials in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and when you make it to the endgame, one of the more important is Pure Dragon Blood, which you’ll need to craft Rajang, Malzeno, Kushala Daora, and other late-game sets. While not as rare as the various Mantle or Orb materials, they still take a little work to farm.

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Where to Find Pure Dragon Blood

Don’t expect to get any Pure Dragon Blood for much of the Sunbreak campaign, as most sources aren’t even available until you unlock five-star Master Rank quests. The final monster from which you can get Pure Dragon Blood isn’t available until you’ve spent hours following the story’s conclusion.

All told, four monsters reward Pure Dragon Blood, and they’re all Elder Dragons. Each has a percentage chance of dropping the material.

  • Teostra: 10%
  • Chameleos: 20%
  • Kushala Daora: 15%
  • Narwa the Allmother: 20%

You won’t receive the material as a Carve, Capture, Broken Part, or Target Reward. It’s only available as a Dropped Material from the Master Rank versions of each monster.

There’s a slight chance you’ll receive Prue Dragon Blood as a Bonus Reward on the final screen, but don’t depend on that.

How to Farm Pure Dragon Blood

There are only two surefire ways to get as much Pure Dragon Blood as possible: using Wyvern Ride and breaking monster parts.

Wyvern Ride

When you start the hunt for monsters except for Narwa, grab one of the other monsters on the map and Wyvern Ride them over to the Elder Dragon, then deal as much damage as you can. Pick up a Gold Wirebug if you can, as that increases the dropped materials from Wyvern Ride attacks.

You won’t have any Gold Wirebugs during the Narwa fight, but one monster will show up, usually Malzeno or Teostra. Narwa drops materials like any monster when hit with Wyvern Ride attacks, so use them.

Break Monster Parts

Every part you break on one of these monsters has a chance to drop a shiny on the floor. It’s not a surefire method, but you will nab yourself other materials for breaking parts. Pure Dragon Blood isn’t the only thing you need to craft weapons and armor.

And that’s how to get Pure Dragon Blood. If you’re looking for additional content on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, we’ve covered plenty. Check out our guides on the Hermitaur, Anomaly Tickets, and Antique Tableware, among others, in our Rise guides hub.

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