Wield the weapons of the Royal Order when you complete Follower and Support Survey quests in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Start Follower Quests

Wield the weapons of the Royal Order when you complete Follower and Support Survey quests in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.
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Follower and Support quests are two new features in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and they see you teaming up with NPCs in Elgado and Kamura to take on quests and earn unique rewards. These quests are a great way to get a handle on unfamiliar monsters if you’re playing alone, as they count as solo quests for the purposes of enemy health and damage.

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These quests are infinitely repeatable, so if there’s a monster you don’t like fighting alone but don’t have a team to hunt with, they’re a great substitute.

Sunbreak Follower Quests Explained

Your first follower quest unlocks after completing the Assault of the Scarlet Tengu quest, where you’ll be hunting a Blood Orange Bishaten. Once you return to Elgado, several NPCs will have colored dialog bubbles over their heads. Follower quest bubbles are purple, and you activate the quest when you talk to the NPC.

One of the first you’ll have access to is the MR2 quest called Fruit vs. Firearms, where you’re hunting a standard Bishaten, this time with Heavy Bowgun user Dame Luchika. Completing it awards the diagram for the Royal Order’s Bowgun, a Rarity 8 Heavy Bowgun.

As you advance through the Master Ranks, additional NPCs in Eldgado and Kamura will request your company on Follower quests. Many such quests award a new Royal Order weapon design, which will unlock a new tree in that weapon’s Smithy window.

Crafting Royal Order weapons requires Royal Order Certificates of increasing rarities. Higher MR Follower quests award higher rarity Certificates, which you’ll use to craft higher rarity weapons and special armor keyed to specific Royal NPCs.

How Support Survey Quests Work

You’ll unlock a type of Follower Quest midway through the first half of the Sunbreak campaign: Support Surveys. These allow you to bring two of your NPC companions along for the quest, and you can choose which weapons they use.

Support Surveys often require you to take on multiple monsters, so having an extra two pairs of hands can be a welcome boon. You’ll also receive Royal Order Certificates from these quests and the material rewards you expect from hunting a monster.

Royal Order weapons are good catch-all pieces of kit, as they have good all-around stats but lack an element. They have good gem slots as well, but not anything top-tier.

That’s that on Follower Quests. We’re covering plenty of other Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak topics from launch until players everywhere are deep into the endgame. Check our Rise guides hub for consistent content.

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