Monster Hunter: World Guide — Where to Get Goldenfish

Exactly where to find Goldenfish in Monster Hunter: World and the best way to go about fishing them up.

Exactly where to find Goldenfish in Monster Hunter: World and the best way to go about fishing them up.

Goldenfish are a rare fish in Monster Hunter: World that not only sell for quite a bit of Zenny but are also needed for a Critical Bounty that rewards you with a Canteen Ingredient. These elusive fish are not easy to track down, however.

In Monster Hunter games of yore, Goldenfish would actually spawn in droves if you simply tossed out a bit of Goldenfish Bait. However, in World, Goldenfish Bait doesn’t work quite the same. Instead, you’re expected to track down the scant few fishing holes that these rare fish actually spawn in.

And I’m here to show you where to find them. Let’s dive in!

Where to Get Goldenfish in Monster Hunter World

There are a few fishing holes where you can find Goldenfish out in the world. Two locations pretty much exclusively spawn Goldenfish, while two others spawn them rather infrequently.

The spots with infrequent spawns are actually pretty easy to find. You’ll discover the first spot in Zone 9 of the Rotten Vale, right next to the fisher who gives you the Critical Bounty for Goldenfish. The second spot is found in the Camp in Zone 8 in the Elder’s Recess. While these spots are convenient, they aren’t the most ideal for getting Goldenfish.

The two spots with the best Goldenfish spawns are actually a fair bit harder to get to and require a bit more exploration, but they’re well worth it if you’re willing to do the legwork. The easier fishing hole to track down is found in Zone 15 of the Rotten Vale, in an area near the Plunderers and Mosswine. The spot is right at the entrance to the Zone, though, so be careful not to run in too quickly or you’ll run the risk of scaring the fish away.

Map of Coral Highlands in MHW with possible location of goldenfish in zone 14 noted

The next spot is really well hidden in Zone 14 of the Coral Highlands. To reach it, you have to run out from Camp 12 and take a left as if you were heading towards the nest at the top of the area. Skip the first set of climbable vines, and run into the narrow entryway, climbing up the set of vines across from the gust of air where you can use the Glider Mantle to reach the top of the map. Halfway up the vines you’ll find a small hole in the wall leading to a secret zone. Climb on in and mozy down the path to come face to face with a fishing hole filled with Goldenfish.

Note that once you find Goldenfish, catching them can be tricky since they tend to be a bit skittish. Because of this, we highly recommend you use Goldenfish Bait in order to make the process dramatically easier on yourself. While you can catch Goldenfish before High Rank, this bait won’t become available in the shops until you reach HR 10. However, you can craft some of your own before then simply by combining Snakebee Larva and Mega Fishing Fly.

And with that, you know everything you need to know about catching those elusive Goldenfish in MHW. For more help getting by in the New World, be sure to check out some of our other Monster Hunter: World guides!

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