Monster Hunter World Firecell Stone Guide

Beautiful blue ore veins of Firecell Stone are scattered across the Elder Recess map of Monster Hunter: World! Here' where to find them.

You won't just be farming deadly creatures during your journey through Monster Hunter: World, but also harvesting natural resources and stone so you can complete all those killer weapon and armor sets.

Some crafting components are more rare than others, only showing up in very specific areas -- or only available to drop from one specific monster. The Firecell stone is one of those tough-to-find materials that never seems to be around when you need it for a crafting recipe.

Ready to get mining? Below we show you exactly where to harvest Firecell Stone locations quickly!

Where To Find Firecell Stone In MH World

Firecell Stone is used in a variety of Monster Hunter World weapons and armor, from the Rookslayer long sword to the Bazel Typoon. Getting your hands on Firecell Stone is only possible in the Elder Recess in one of two ways -- and either is quite rare.

First up, Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter World sometimes drop randomly as rewards when fighting high rank Uragaan, but that's not a very efficient way to collect the resource.

Instead, you should look for blue ore veins across the Elder Recess map. Sometimes you will dig up Fucium ore and sometimes you will get Firecell stones, which have their own separate special animation to let you know you hit pay dirt.

These blue veins are found in the following areas of the Elder Recess;

  • Two in area 6 directly next to each other
  • Two in area 8 on opposite ends
  • One in area 11
  • Two in area 12 at the top and bottom
  • One in area 13 on the eastern side

Don't forget that these ore spots re-spawn, so you can hit each blue ore mining outcrop, fast travel somewhere else, then return and do it all over again, making farming Firecell Stone really easy. 

Uragaan, a source of Firecell Stone      If you're lucky you might get some from him,
but mining is probably a better bet!

Found any other places to farm Firecell Stones? Let us know in the comments! If you still need help with the rest of this addictive grind fest, be sure to check out our Monster Hunter: World guides here:

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Published Feb. 4th 2018

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