Monster Hunter World Hardbone Location Guide

Need more of this elusive Monster Hunter: World crafting component? We show you how to find Monster Hardbone quickly so you can craft high rank weapons and armor!

The aptly named Monster Hunter series just exploded onto Xbox One and PS4 with the huge (and hugely anticipated) Monster Hunter: World.

For those just diving into the series, this entry is heavily focused on the crafting system to upgrade your equipment and stay ahead of the curve while facing off against ever bigger and badder creatures.

If you want to stay alive to capture or kill your next kind of prey, you'll need to farm specific monsters and locations to get the components you need -- from Nova Crystals to Unknown Skulls.

One crafting component used for high rank weapons and armor is Monster Hardbone (we'll dispense with the obvious joke here -- just make it yourself in your head), although unfortunately it is quite rare to come across. 

Below we explain exactly where to find Monster Hardbone in Monster Hunter: World if you need more of this rare component for upgrading your equipment.

Best Locations to Find Monster Hardbone

Hardbone is only found by farming specific high rank monsters of 6+ stars, with the component gained with the quest rewards.

Currently these are the only creatures that are known to drop Monster Hardbone after a successful kill or capture:

  • Black Diablos (Wildspire Waste)
  • Pink Rathian (Wildspire Waste)
  • Uragaan (Elder’s Recess)
  • Legiana (Coral Highlands)
  • Odogaron (Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale)

If you need more Hardbone, don't forget that you can endlessly farm the component by fast traveling to a new location and then returning to the area where you found the monster the previous time. They keep respawning, so you can get as much Hardbone as you need over time.

Image of good source of Monster Hardbone in MHW    Pink Rathian is a good source of the Monster Hardbone crafting component.

Have you found any other creatures that drop Hardbone reliably? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Jan. 29th 2018

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