Monster Hunter: World Guide -- How to Mount Monsters

Mounting monsters is one of the most important and difficult Monster Hunter mechanics, and this guide is all about how to bestride the giants that roam about MH World.

As you play through the Monster Hunter: World beta in preparation for the game's full release on January 26, there's one particular mechanic you might have trouble with more than others: mounting monsters. Snickers and adolescent jokes aside, mounting monsters is one of the most useful -- and difficult -- stunts to pull off in any Monster Hunter game, though MH World adds an extra twist that might throw you off at first. In other words, World isn't like other games in the franchise. 

What is Mounting in Monster Hunter: World?

Mounting (or bestriding if you want to sound super smart) is exactly what it sounds like. You grab hold of some part of your quarry -- either head, body, or tail -- and use that position to perform more effective attacks, though some monsters only have two mounting points. It's especially useful against more powerful beasts and almost necessary to bring difficult colossi fights to a successful close.

How to Mount Monsters in Monster Hunter: World

Monster mounting follows essentially the same standard procedure as previous Monster Hunter games: jump and attack. To do that, you'll have to get behind and above the monster, so it's important to be in an area where there's some sort of ledge you can climb on. Then, run and jump off the ledge and perform an attack on the monster. If the attack connects, it registers as a mounting attack, and you'll grab hold of the monster. If it doesn't, you won't, and you'll have to try to mount the monster again.

Mounting normally works as a status, and previous MH games would display a yellow stroke to show your attacks counted as mount/status attacks. But World doesn't. Getting on top of monsters isn't a game-changing alteration, but it does take a bit of the certainty out of knowing whether you've done everything properly.

Naturally, monsters aren't too pleased with all of this and try to throw you off. In some cases, you'll need to move about to avoid the monster's attempts at smashing you against the ground or wall. But you'll also need to keep an eye on your stamina, since you fall off once the meter runs out.


Are you finding it difficult to master the art of monster mounting? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other Monster Hunter: World guides!


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Published Jan. 30th 2018

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