How to Find the Great Hornfly in Monster Hunter World

Looking to forge the Butterly/King Beetle armor sets? You'll need to farm some Great Hornfly first!

A dizzying array of crafting components and creature parts are up for grabs in Monster Hunter: World, from mushrooms and herbs to ore and monster scales.

Whether low or high rank, crafting the best items and equipment frequently requires rare components that aren't easily found or carved. The Great Hornfly is one of those elusive bugs that never seems to be in big supply.

If you get enough Great Hornfly, you can craft some interesting equipment, such as the Butterfly and King Beetle armor sets. Below we cover exactly where and how to farm Great Hornfly while going about your hunts!

Finding Great Hornfly in MH World

First up, Great Hornfly can rarely be harvested in the Ancient Forest or Coral Highlands, and is found if you are assigned an investigation to kill the bugs that has plenty of reward boxes. 

You can get a lot more (and more quickly) by cultivating instead, though. Great Hornfly can be farmed more efficiently by cultivating at the Botanical Research Center. Set the option to cultivate bugs, honey, or herbs, and you will get some over time.

It appears to be randomized as to when and how much Great Hornfly you find, but you can increase your chances by using Summoner Jelly fertilizer. Go around doing something else for awhile, then come back and check your harvest box to see if you nabbed any Great Hornfly!

Armor sets from Great Hornfly in MH: World 
Butterfly / King Beetle Armor Sets

Let us know when you manage to farm enough Great Hornfly to finish off an armor set, or if you've found any other places to farm this component!

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Published Feb. 2nd 2018

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