Paolumu in Monster Hunter World.
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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Paolumu Wing in MHW

You need to break some body parts yourself. Here's how to get Paolumu Wing in MHW.

Paolumu is one of the poster monsters for Monster Hunter World, like Anjanath but less cool and more fluffy. Its wings are most notably used for weapon forging, specifically the Glacial and Lumu weapons. I’ll go over how to get Paolumu Wing in MHW so you can keep grinding.

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Where to Find Paolumu Wing in Monster Hunter World

This notorious flying wyvern is only found in the Coral Highlands of MHW, and you’ve surely fought it before. Heck, you even did before you hit High Rank (HR). But now you’re here in High Rank, trying to make the next tier of your preferred Blast or Ice damage weapon and finding you need Paolumu Wing.

Before you head out for your hunt, make sure you’re heading into a High Rank quest or expedition. I’ve seen a lot of newer players through the years try to get this and many other materials by hunting monsters at the wrong rank. You can only get Paolumu Wing in HR, so don’t waste your time trying to get it in Low Rank or Master Rank.

How to Break Paolumu’s Wings

Paolumu Wing primarily comes from breaking that exact body part on the monster, which is much easier when its on the ground. While it’s possible to get it as a Gold or Silver-tier investigation reward, just fighting it and breaking its wings guarantees Paolumu Wing.

HR Paolumu is about the same challenge as it is in Low Rank, meaning it isn’t much of one at all. The biggest trouble with fighting Paolumu is that it flies, but it doesn’t stay airborne all that long. The overall risk in fighting it is low.

A deflated Paolumu in Monster Hunter World
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Keep the damage up on its neck when inflated and use Flash Bombs on it when it takes flight to knock it down, or use a ranged weapon or Insect Glaive for the hunt. Regardless of your methods for getting and keeping it on the ground, you need to be focusing on its wings when it finally lands. Sharp and blunt weapons alike can break Paolumu’s wings, so just go ham on whichever one you can more easily hit while it’s on the ground.

That’s mostly all you need to know about how to get Paolumu Wing in MHW. This is one of the game’s easier monsters. If you’re not used to targeting monster parts to break them, getting this mat is a great way to instill the part breaking mindset. Check out more of our Monster Hunter World guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to get Novacrystal and how to hide your helmet.

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