Monster Hunter World Iceborne Mushroomancer: Skill Effects, How to Use

Want to get a large number of cost-effective buffs and healing effects quickly? The Mushroomancer skill can easily become overpowered if you know how to use it.

Want to get a large number of cost-effective buffs and healing effects quickly? The Mushroomancer skill can easily become overpowered if you know how to use it.

Of all the skills in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, one of the most overlooked, but potentially overpowered, is Mushroomancer, which offers incredibly cost-effective buffs.

Instead of crafting an item like Demondrug, which requires multiple components, you can simply eat an easily obtainable mushroom to get the same effect. Mushrooms are also consumed immediately, so they take effect faster than something like a Potion, for instance.

Because you can quickly acquire large numbers of mushrooms offering a range of buffs and healing effects, Mushroomancer is a skill that’s well worth pursuing. Let’s take a look at how to equip and level up this skill, and then see which specific shrooms are most worth your time.

How to Increase the Mushroomancer Skill

Mushroomancer is increased by wearing specific equipment. Each tier of the skill increases the number of mushroom types your character can eat to gain various buffs.

While there are no weapons that currently increase the skill, here are all the decorations, charms, and armor types currently known to boost the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Mushroomancer skill:

Armor Name Armor Type
Fungiform Jewel 1  Decoration
Mushroom Charm I  Charm
Mushroom Charm II Charm
Mushroom Charm III Charm
Mosswine Mask Alpha  Head
Banbaro Alpha +  Head
Black Belt Alpha +  Head
Dober Mail Alpha  Chest
Black Belt Alpha +  Chest
Black Belt Beta +  Chest
Dober Vambraces Alpha  Arms
Dober Vambraces Alpha + Arms
Dober Vambraces Beta  Arms
Dober Vambraces Beta + Arms
Commission Belt Alpha  Waist
Commission Belt Beta  Waist
Banbaro Alpha +  Waist
Banbaro Beta Waist
Harvest Raiz  Legs
Harvest Raiz Alpha  Legs
Dober Alpha +  Legs
Dober Beta +   Legs
Banbaro Alpha +  Legs
Banbaro Beta +  Legs


Mushroomancer Skill Effects

At Level 1, only two types of fungus can be eaten, but the number of types grows as more Mushroomancer equipment is worn.

Keep in mind you can also use Item Prolonger to extend the effects of most of these mushroom buffs.

That means that Toadstool, for instance, will potentially last 50% longer than 5 minutes if you have Item Prolonger at Level 3.

While the Mushroomancer skill seems limiting at first due to its armor restrictions, there’s an important element of the skill that makes it more effective than you might realize.

Critically, your buffs remain active after consuming the mushroom, even if you immediately switch back to your main armor set. In other words, equip the Mushroomancer armor, eat a mushroom, and then go back to your specific equipment tailored towards whatever monster you are hunting.

That’s particularly useful when eating the Parashroom and Nitroshroom, since their effects last until you die. Finally, while the Mandragora doesn’t work with the Wide-Range skill, all of the other mushrooms do, so you can easily and cheaply give large buffs to allies.

Don’t discount the Mandragora, however. Having multiple instant max heals available at any time can wildly increase your ability to survive against difficult enemies.

Here are the three levels of the Mushroomancer skill, and the specific bonus granted by eating each fungus type: 

  • Mushroomancer 1 Digest Blue Mushrooms and Toadstools
  • Mushroomancer 2 Digest Nitroshrooms and Parashrooms
  • Mushroomancer 3 Digest Mandragoras, Devil’s Blight, and Exciteshrooms
Mushroom Item Type Effect
Blue Mushroom Potion  Restores health (small amount) 
Toadstool Immunizer  Boosts health recovery (5 min), cures bleeding 
Nitroshroom Demondrug  Boosts attack power
(lasts until fainting in battle) 
Parashroom Armorskin   Boosts defense (lasts until fainting in battle)
Mandragora Max Potion  Full heal (Doesn’t work with Wide-Range skill) 
Devil’s Blight Dash Juice  Reduce dodge/jump/evade stamina cost,
increases regen speed (4 min) 
Exciteshroom  N/A   Randomly produce one other
mushroom type effect


What equipment load out are you using for the Mushroomancer skill, and have you found it useful against any specific large creatures?

Let us know in the comments section, and then check out our other Monster Hunter: World guides here:

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