Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Monster Toughbone Farming Guide

Ready to grind some large monsters? To farm Monster Toughbone in Iceborne you need to target four specific monsters in the Ancient Forest and Hoarfrost Reach.

If you've finally got past the not loading bugs and the infamous save overwrite problems, its time to start farming some new materials in the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion!

Used for a huge range of armor types, Monster Toughbone is currently only available by hunting four specific large monster types. Let's take a look at where to go to start farming Iceborne Toughbone!

How To Farm Monster Toughbone

Like the new Monster Slogbone material, keep in mind that Monster Toughbone is only a Master Rank material -- so there's no point in trying to get some at Low Rank or High Rank.

Toughbone doesn't currently spawn anywhere on its own and isn't granted by completing any quests.

Instead, it can drop at random from these specific creatures:

  • Great Jagras (Ancient Forest)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku (Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste)
  • Rathian (Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste)
  • Viper Tobi-Kadachi (Hoarfrost Reach)

Due to the drop rate you are in for a bit of a grind, but at least now you know which specific large monsters to target if you want to find some Toughbone.

So when you've finally found specifically where to farm it, what exactly is Monster Toughbone even used for?

On the weapon front, Toughbone is used for the Mammoth Greataxe and Mammoth Direbones, as well as the Datura Hellspine and Radobaan Grindblade I.

Toughbone is also an ingredient in an extremely wide range of armor sets including Artian, Baan, Bone, Clockwork, Golden Hakama, Jagras, Lumu, Pukei, and Rathian pieces.

Which creature finally dropped some Toughbone for you? Let us know in the comments, and then take a look at our other Iceborne guides below:

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Published Jan. 13th 2020

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