Looking for Coral Crystal or Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter: World? Find out where to get them with this guide.

Monster Hunter: World – Where to Find Coral Crystal and Dragonite Ore

Looking for Coral Crystal or Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter: World? Find out where to get them with this guide.
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If you plan to upgrade weapons in Monster Hunter: World, chances are you’re going to need to get your hands on Coral Crystal or Dragonite Ore. These are two resources that can be found in various mining nodes throughout MH World.

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The Coral Crystal is required if you’re trying to upgrade a weapon in the Pukei-Pukei tree to Level 4. Dragonite Ore is very valuable when it comes to crafting armor, and it’s especially valuable if you’re playing on the PS4. Let’s look at where you can find these crafting resources.

Getting to Coral Highlands in Monster Hunter: World

Coral Highlands is where you’re going to find both of these materials. If you want to reach this area in MH World, you have to complete the “One for the History Books” quests. Upon doing so, you’ll end up in the Coral Highlands.

All around the Coral Highlands, you’ll find Mining Outcrops. These nodes can be mined three times before you have to wait for them to reset. You’ll get a random drop each time you mine them. Each node will take a few minutes to reset, so the optimal strategy is to create a route and run between the Mining Outcrop nodes. Mine them and keep moving rather than waiting around for them to reset.

Another thing you can do to pass the time is complete bounties between popping each Mining Outcrop. The Mining Outcrops will permanently appear on your map after the first time you make use of them, so it’s easy to make your way around after you’ve chosen a route to follow.

Where to Find Coral Crystal in Monster Hunter: World

Coral Crystal is very similar in appearance to Earth Crystal, being a blue shard of ore sticking from the ground.

The best place that I’ve found to mine for Coral Crystal is in Area 11, which is at the northeastern corner of the map. Near the borders of Area 10 and 11, you’ll find two Mining Outcrops, and this is where you can expect to pick up Coral Crystal.

Coral Crystal is used for many pieces of the Tzitzi and Butterfly armor sets. It’s very likely that you’ll be picking up Iron Ore as you mine for your Coral Crystal.

Where to Find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter: World

The first Mining Outcrop that you’ll want to find for your Dragonite Ore is on the upper level of Area 9. You’ll find it on the northeast ledge, just above the road that connects to Area 5.

You can find the next Mining Outcrop in Area 8. Here, there’s a northern path that connects to Area 10. You’re going to want to just run between these two nodes if you’re only interested in Dragonite Ore. The good news is that Area 8 connects to Area 10, so if you’re trying to get both Dragonite Ore and Coral Crystal, which can be found around Areas 10 and 11, you won’t have to go far out of your way.

Dragonite Ore is used for many pieces of the High Metal, Ingot, and Butterfly armor sets. It also crafts into Hornetaur Mail.

If you need crafting materials in Monster Hunter World, expect to be spending a lot of time in Coral Highlands. My advice is to mine for both of these resources at the same time and knock off your bounties during downtime between Mining Outcrop reset timers. Doing so should be the most optimal use of your time.

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