Monster Hunter: World - What Is Error Code 50352-MW1?

Are you experiencing the 50352-MW1 error code when trying to play Monster Hunter: World online? Read on to learn what's causing it.

Since launch day, Monster Hunter: World has been plagued by several reoccurring error codes that have frustrated players who are attempting to play online with friends. 50352-MW1 is one of the more popular error codes, but the root of this issue is also the cause of these codes:

  • 5038F-MW1
  • 50382-MW1
  • 50352-MW1

Judging by this naming convention, you can safely assume that any error during online play with a prefix of "503" is related to this same issue. Let's look into what's causing these error codes to come up.

Monster Hunter: World Team's Response to Error Codes

On January 26th, these error codes were affecting PS4 players. The official Monster Hunter: World Twitter replied as follows:

The next day, they acknowledged another issue affecting XB1 players:

Both issues revolve around an inability to make a proper connection with Monster Hunter: World's servers. Based on many reactions on Reddit, forums, and other communities, this naturally prompts players to question the connection to Monster Hunter: World's servers as provided by their ISP. Players across a multitude of ISPs and connection types have been experiencing these error codes, and although Capcom has not addressed it, it seems safe to conclude that these are errors caused by Monster Hunter: World's servers.

How to Fix Error Code 50352-MW1 in Monster Hunter: World

Due to the lack of details provided by Capcom, there is no confirmed solution for how to to fix these issues. However, all signs point to them being out of the user's control. These errors will persist until Monster Hunter: World's servers stabilize and can handle the amount of requests being sent to them. It's very common to see issues with serving online content for games in the first week of their launch.

The only possible fix lies within one of the aforementioned tweets, where they suggest closing the game and restarting it (or even your console). If this doesn't fix the issue, don't drive yourself crazy trying to tweak your connection to fix it. It's very likely out of your control, and patience is the only thing that will solve it as the Monster Hunter: World servers deal with the surge in traffic after launch.

If you're experiencing this issue, you have the options of playing offline or creating your own session. You'll probably find that you can create online sessions and invite others to private sessions. Every now and then, you may be able to get into matchmaking and find yourself disconnected moments later. The effect of these errors and the server stability is very sporadic.


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