Let's go over the best classes in Moonlight Sculptor from Kakao Games.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide: Best Classes Tier List

Let's go over the best classes in Moonlight Sculptor from Kakao Games.

The mobile MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor is based on the famous Korean light novel of the same name, but you don’t have to read it to enjoy this new title. Currently there are five main classes in Moonlight Sculptor, and this guide will list the best of them in a tier list fashion.

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The game offers both PvP and PvE as well as solo and team modes. Each classes will perform differently in these scenarios, but some are universally acclaimed as the best choices for each of them.

S-Tier Class

  • Best stats: Constitution, Agility

Ranged physical attackers are generally highly tiered in games with both PvE and PvP, and it’s no different here in Moonlight Sculptor.

Archer has both excellent single target and AoE attacks, as well as an ability to summon pets and send them into the battle. This makes them really balanced and hard to defeat in almost any case.

The main attack is Enchanted Arrow that deals 206% physical damage on its own. If you activate the Enhanced Training skill, then it will further increase your own damage and that of your pet by 25%.

In case you need to deal with multiple enemies, use the Wind’s Fury ability that works like an AoE dealing 374% physical damage and stuns everyone affected.

This winning combination of abilities and stats really puts Archer above all other classes in the game.

A-Tier Classes
  • Best stats: Intelligence, Wisdom

Mage is very similar to Archer in terms of ranged damage, which in this case is magic instead of physical. However, Mage is not as good in PvP as Archer, although Mage totally dominates PvE with their special AoE skills.

Their most used attack is Fireball that deals 135% AoE magic damage. If you want to slow your enemies, then Frosthail is the best skill for this kind of crowd control, as it reduces the enemy’s speed of movement by 50%.

But the most powerful AoE attack is Summon Meteor, which deals 515% magic damage to all enemies within the area of effect. It also has a slight chance of stunning them, which is a nice bonus to an already high total damage.

  • Best stats: Intelligence, Wisdom

Alchemist is basically another alternative to Mage with a very similar design and functionality. The difference is that Alchemist deals more damage over a longer period of time, while Mage mainly outputs burst damage.

Their main attack is Homunculus, which deals 135% magic damage to all enemies within its area of effect. With the help of Elemental Reaction Catalyst they can deal acid damage, which deals 15% damage every 5 seconds.

Their Big Bang attack is similar to Mage’s Summon Meteor, but the damage output is slightly lower at 410%. All-in-all, it’s another great class for PvE.

B-Tier Classes

  • Best stats: Strength, Constitution

Paladin is a pure support class that can be well used in both PvE and PvP, but only as a team member.

Their Mace of Judgement skill is both offensive and defensive. It deals 188% physical damage and reduces an enemy’s defenses by 10%.

But their most useful skill is Goddess’s Grace, which heals all allies by 5% each second and increases critical hit chance by 4%.

Lastly, Freya’s Light AoE attack is a great tool to deal with a group of enemies, as it deals 410% physical damage to all of them within the area.

All this makes Paladin a very useful ally, but they just can’t do much in solo mode like any other class mentioned above.

  • Best stats: Strength, Constitution

Warrior can be used in two ways that are both quite important. First, they can be a tank that protects your ranged characters. Second, they can deal physical AoE damage.

The Storm Slash ability can be a great support for the second role, dealing 130% physical damage to all enemies, while their armor can take on much more damage than any other class in the game.

Although Warrior would be a nice addition to any team, just like Paladin, they can’t do much when solo.

These are the best classes in Moonlight Sculptor. If you enjoyed reading this article, be sure to give it a share!

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