Mordhau Toolbox Guide: Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

Here's how to use the toolbox in Mordhau: what you can build, what it all costs, and how to use it effectively.

Here's how to use the toolbox in Mordhau: what you can build, what it all costs, and how to use it effectively.

Not every player in a round of Mordhau needs to hit the front lines, swinging around broadswords and taking off heads.

Like any class-based combat game, having a variety of roles on your team will ultimately make things a lot easier. One of the best ways you can contribute outside of direct combat is by equipping a toolbox and heading into battle.

The toolbox functions much differently than most other items in the game – here is everything you can do with it and some of the best strategies for using the item.

Toolbox Statistics

There are two ways to use the toolbox: either choose the premade Engineer class, or create your own custom class with the item selected in your loadout.

You can find the toolbox included with the two handed weapons, and it will cost eight gear score. The high gear score of the item means that your other options are limited – especially if you want to equip other items to make your toolbox more effective.

Since you’ll focus mainly on building if you have the toolbox equipped, you’ll probably want to consider a few other items in your loadout that make your building and repairing more effective.

The wooden mallet and the blacksmith hammer are similar items that help you get more use out of your buildings, with the blacksmith hammer essentially being a more powerful (and expensive) version. The Smith perk will also speed up your construction, making it something else to consider.

What Can I Build with the Toolbox?

There are three different structures you can build when using the toolbox, and they all require supply (which you can obtain more of through ammo resupplies) and time to build.

You’ll need to find a suitable place to build each structure as well – the outline will change color to indicate when you are aiming at a spot the structure will fit. Simply left click (or Attack, if you’ve changed your controls) to start building the structure.

Press the Switch Weapon Mode key (default ‘R’) to swap between the three different structures available. Note that the mounted crossbow won’t appear unless you have enough supply to actually build it.

Wooden Spikes
  • 125 health
  • Costs 1 supply
  • 20 seconds to build

Wooden spikes are slanted upwards, and are great for preventing enemy troops from moving a certain direction. They deal damage based on how fast a player is moving when they make contact with the spikes. On flat terrain, they cannot be jumped over.

Wooden spikes are perfect for ambushing mounted troops or for funneling enemy troops down a certain path. Use them to set up traps or slow enemy retreats – they are excellent for punishing overzealous advances.

Wooden Walls
  • 250 health
  • Costs 1 supply
  • 20 seconds to build

Wooden walls have a hole in the middle, providing excellent cover for your ranged troops or for helping to set up choke points. Use them in conjunction with bear traps or wooden spikes to funnel your enemies to certain death.

Mounted Crossbow
  • 50 health
  • Costs 6 supply
  • 10 seconds to build

Mounted crossbows, also known as ballistas, are powerful ranged weapons. They have a maximum of five ammo, and that ammo reloads at a rate of about one per five seconds. You can read more about ballistas in Mordhau here.

Mounted crossbows can move and rotate, but very slowly. This means you’ll want to build them in a spot that is secure and tough for your enemy to access. Get some teammates to watch your back while you’re firing, and your enemies will need to switch focus away from their main objective to your mounted crossbow.

What Else to Know About the Toolbox

The toolbox starts with three supply, and has a maximum of six. That means you will have to find an ammo resupply box in order to build a mounted crossbow, and building one will empty your supply until you find more.

Each player can have a maximum of six structures on the map at any given point, and only one can be a mounted crossbow. Building over the limit will cause your oldest structure to disappear. Note that this limit is per player – there can be multiple mounted crossbows on the battlefield, provided multiple players are equipped with toolboxes.

Have you gotten the hang of using your toolbox yet? We’ve got some other juicy Mordhau guides for you to peruse, including gold and XP farming, and a best weapons tier list.

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