Mortal Kombat 1 Kenshi Guide: Moves List and How to Play

He might be hard to use, but Kenshi is a fun fighter nonetheless in MK1.

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After a disappointing cameo in the previous entry, Kenshi is back in Mortal Kombat 1 and arguably better than ever. The blind swordsman still wields his trusty sword Sento, but this time it allows him to summon a single spirit to aid him. From his moves list to some general pointers, this guide will go over how to play Kenshi in MK1.

Mortal Kombat 1 Kenshi Guide

MK1 Kenshi Moves List

Before we map out the move list, let’s break down the general notations. We’ll be using the number system that members of the community have long used for Mortal Kombat games.

NotationCommandPlayStation InputsXbox InputsNintendo Switch Inputs
1Front PunchSquareXY
2Back PunchTriangleYX
3Front KickCrossAB
4Back KickCircleBA

Kenshi Basic Attacks

Move NameInputs
Sheath Slap1
See No Evil1, 4
Blind Sided1, 4, 1
Belly BusterDown+1
Silent Palm2
Gut Check2, 1
Tamahag-Pain2, 1, 2
Spirit StrikeBack+2
Silencing SoulsBack+2, 2
Dark RitualForward+2
Slice N’ DiceForward+2, 2
PinnedForward+2, 2, Back+2
Spirit AwayForward+2, 2, Forward+2
Deep StabForward+2, 2, Down+2
Rising FistDown+2
High Kick3
Sneaky SneakerDown+3
Face Breaker4
Heighten Senses4, 4
Achilles CutterBack+4
Sweeping HeelDown+4
Sento StanceDown, Back, 1
Disable Spirit Action (While Held)Hold R1/RB
Brutal Bow1
Off Balance1, 2
Blind Justice1, 2, 2
Five Rings SlashBack+1
Transcending CutBack+1, 2
Quick Laceration2
Don’t Blink2, 1
Upper SliceForward+2
Fading LightForward+2, 2
Lost WayForward+2, 2, 1
Rising BladeDown+2
Hammering Heel3
Tibia TapperForward+3
Bad FeelingForward+3, 2
Chest Cracker4
Down The Middle4, 2
Get Back4, 2, 1
Cut DownBack+4
Double TapForward+4
Painful PokeDown+4

Kenshi Aerial Attacks

Move NameInputs
Quick SwipeForwardUp+1
BleedingForwardUp+1, 2
Spirit SpikeForwardUp+1, 2, 2
Hilting FlowerForwardUp+2
Blooming BladeForwardUp+2. 2
BootedForwardUp+2, 2, 4
Flying BootForwardUp+3 or ForwardUp+4
Sento Aerial AttacksDown, Back, 1
Quick SliceForwardUp+1
Losing BloodForwardUp+1, 1
Deep CutsForwardUp+1, 1, 2
Upper GashForwardUp+2
TreatedForwardUp+2, 3
Falling ApartForwardUp+2, 3, 4
Foot FrenzyForwardUp+3 or ForwardUp+4

Kenshi Throws

Move NameInputs
ShoveForward+L1/LB or Forward+1+3
Deep TissueL1/LB or 1+3

Kenshi Special Moves

Move NameInputs
Ancestral GuardDown, Forward, 1
Extend Ancestral GuardDown, Forward, 1 (Hold)
Ancestral Guard (Cancel)L2/LT
Soul ChargeBack, Forward, 1
Enhanced Soul ChargeBack, Forward, 1+R2/RT
Demon DropDown, Back, 2
Enhanced Demon DropDown, Back, 2+R2/RT
Close Demon DropDown, Back, 2, Back
Enhanced Close Demon DropDown, Back, 2+R2/RT, Back
Far Demon DropDown, Back, 2, Forward
Enhanced Far Demon DropDown, Back, 2+R2/RT, Forward
Rising KarmaBack, Forward, 3
Enhanced Rising KarmaBack, Forward, 3+R2/RT
Force PushBack, Forward, 4
Charge Force PushBack, Forward, 4 (Hold)
Enhanced Force PushBack, Forward, 4+R2/RT
Enhanced Charge Force PushBack, Forward, 4 +R2/RT (Hold)
Sento StanceDown, Back, 1
Summon AncestorDown, Back, 1
Spirit Bop1
Double Dose2
Lunging Soul3
Pekara Punish4
Banish AncestorDown, Back, 1
Spiritual AlignmentDown, Back, 2
Enhanced Spiritual AlignmentDown, Back, 2+R2/RT
Soaring SentoDown, Back, 3
Enhanced Soaring SentoDown, Back, 3+R2/RT
TeamworkDown, Back, 4
Ancestral AssistDown, Back, 4+R2/RT

Kenshi Fatal Blow

Move NameInputs
Two Heavens AssaultL2+R2/LT+RT

Kenshi Fatalities

Move NameInputs
BlendedForward, Down, Down, 2

Kenshi Brutalities

Move NameInputs
The KlassicDown+2

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How to Play Kenshi in Mortal Kombat 1

Screenshot by GameSkinny

This is one of the more complicated characters that we’ve seen so far. On his own, he has some fun, if not basic, attacks and strings to use. What sets him apart is his ability to summon his ancestor spirit. These are some things to keep in mind when learning how to play Kenshi in Mortal Kombat 1.

  • Don’t Blink is a solid starter for some of his combos.
  • Rising Karma is a great launcher that Kenshi can easily dash forward after to continue a combo.
  • The most important thing to learn is his Sento Stance, as it provides Kenshi with some new moves and summons the spirit to assist him.
  • Teamwork is a fantastic combo ender that provides a unique set up — it will leave the opponent sandwiched between Kenshi and his ancestor spirit.

He’s certainly not easy to learn, but you should have a better understanding after reading through this Mortal Kombat 1 Kenshi guide. There’s likely still plenty to discover with this character, so you can expect we’ll be updating articles like this as well as our list of all MK1 Brutalities once we have the opportunity to play more.

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