Most Preferred Game Development Tools For Developers

Some of the robust game development tools that developers should add their kit.

Some of the robust game development tools that developers should add their kit.

With the proliferation of mobile games and the generation of consoles such as PS4, Xbox and Wii U, developers are constantly looking for the new avenues that help them enhance player engagement.

Traditionally, ‘game jams’ have seen developers focusing only on desktop or web browser with the help of development environment such as Flash. But, today, the scenario is completely different as mobile devices continue to grow, making mobile games as one of the fastest growing segments.

Developing games for mobiles can help you reach a wider range of audience and the distribution channels make it extremely easy to provide your developed games to their end users as and when it is ready. However, when developing games within a short span of time is a concern, opting for a right approach is what makes your game both achievable and best in its own way.

So, if you want to add an edge to your game development endeavor, here are some tools which are worth to try, so that you can create your own game and get it moving on the screen.

1. Unity

Unity is a perfect tool for those who want to tell interactive stories to their players. It’s an extremely popular tool used by around 47% of the developers. Not only it’s a tool for novices but for seasoned developers too. Unity has been developed as the fastest way to build both 2D and 3D games, which is something makes it stand apart.



Also, there is a support for three development languages: C#, UnityScript (JavaScript with type annotations) and Boo. Out of three, UnityScript is the most dominating one and Boo can be avoided. The community of this tool has widely supported C# and the best part is you’ll easily get plethora of plugins and example to use it.

  • Supports a very strong community of developers

  • Great visual editing tools which can be extended with the help of plugins

  • Compatible to work with a variety of platforms and devices

  • 3D engine is great in producing awesome results with minimal efforts

  • Collaboration is quite tricky as its expensive assert server need to be used for sharing code and assets between the team members.

  • Not so great in terms of performance since it ran entirely in a single-thread and does not add to the additional cores to the mobile devices.

2. Unreal Engine

The powerhouse behind the popular game such as Infinity Blade series, Unreal Engine is a robust tool for developers that comes with two solutions. First of all, its rock-solid Unreal Engine 3, which offers complete access to the integrated Unreal Editor suite, C++ , and an unwavering support of its core engineering team. Further, it comes packed with the Unreal Development Kit, which features plenty of tools to help you create those adventurous type games.


Unreal Engine is written in C++ language and it’s the only language being supported by the tool. Also, there are lot of possibilities to perform a variety of development related tasks without writing even a single line of code.

  • Rock-solid performance

  • Out of the box tools and assets to develop highly interactive games

  • Excellent pricing model

  • Not a choice for beginners due to complex nature of C++ language

  • High learning curve involved and has limited support for old device

  • The pricing model is good but unless until you are expecting a significant title under a different licensing model.

3. Cocos2D

Popular with those who want to develop fun and enthralling games, Cocos2D is a great multimedia tool, especially if you want to build games for kids. Free of charge, it’s powerful and easy to use as soon as you get the hang of it. Developers can develop games for iOS and Android and its wide range of extensions, tools, and open-source code will give you the flexibility to change the direction if you need to.



There are different versions with which Cocos2D is available. They are Objective-C, C++, C#, JavaScript and Ruby. Out of all of them, C++ is the most dominant one and is maintained frequently. Also, there is a scripting language bindings to C++ version in either Lua and JavaScript. This allows developers to write as per their preferred language while actually enjoying to full native performance.

  • Great in providing support for a broad range of platforms and mobile devices

  • Amazing collection of extensions and tools to help developers

  • Large community support

  • Audio support

  • Lack of reliable commercial entity to solve problems and fix bugs. You need to either fix it for yourself or hire a professional service, which is not possible in certain conditions.

  • API isn’t so much great.

  • Incapable of contributing much to the overall structure of the project.

4. Ludei

The prowess of HTML5 lies in the way it helps developers enter into a range of platforms by serving this new universal standard. Ludei comes complete with a customized JavaScript virtual machine that ensures speedy development of HTML5 canvas and WebGL app and game development on mobile.



Ludei is great in the way it offers fastest and enthralling HTML5 gaming experience to its players. It simplifies the whole process of testing and building the applications for a flawless gaming feel. Ludei also offers access to some of the most important features , including native ad networks, in-app payments, push notifications and more.

  • Can easily convert a HTML5 app into a speedy mobile application

  • Apps can be build 10 times faster than the PhoneGap based HTML5 apps.

  • Communication channel needs fast update

  • Needs to lower down some possible mistakes, bugs, and the problems of maintainability.

5. Corona SDK

Development cross-platform compatible mobile apps has been a challenge for developers and Corona SDK is a tool that helps you overcome such challenge. Corona SDK is an extremely efficient tool that aims to offer you flexibility and ability to create apps that run seamlessly across a wide range of devices using a common code base. It comes packed with myriad of tools that help you focus on creating fun and engaging games.



Using Corona SDK, it is extremely easy to build apps for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Nook. It utilizes Lua development environment and is currently used by 250,000 indies and studios globally. Corona’s tool is truly a cool substitute for those who want to create really impressive and innovative.

  • Fast, versatile and easy

  • Can create apps for iOS and Android devices

  • Optimized to make use of hardware-accelarated features

  • Easy to learn

  • Since, Ansca isn’t a commercial member of Apple or Android, it’s quite challenging that some certain things are might not be available in the recent releases of SDK.

Wrapping Up

The above mentioned tools are truly unique and robust in their own way and prove to be highly reliable when you are stuck. They also give you an idea from where to start and how to make your game a memorable experience to its players.

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