Looking to main the best character in Multiversus? Here's a tier list with some excellent options.

Multiversus Best Characters Tier List

Looking to main the best character in Multiversus? Here's a tier list with some excellent options.

Multiversus has some of the most iconic characters from the Warner Bros. catalog. But in a fighting game like this one players need to pay special attention to the movesets of characters, and not the popularity of their corresponding franchises.

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Our guide will list all the best characters in Multiversus in a tier list fashion. You will learn about their strongest moves, as well as their potential weaknesses.

S-Tier Characters

Bugs Bunny
  • Type: Mage, Ranged.
  • Unlock: 2,000 Gold.

The Wascally Wabbit is just as infuriating in Multiversus as he is in the WB cartoons. He can hit hard, heal his allies, and play mind games with his opponents.

His Swing Batta Batta! attack literally hits opponents with an upswing of a baseball bat. He can also heal by using his Pie Barrage! at allies. If a pie hits an enemy, they will be slowed down instead.

His special is Bunny Burrow, which allows him to tunnel underground (making him immune to damage). Opponents can’t do much about it, and he can jump out to hit them with a surprise attack.

  • Type: Bruiser.
  • Unlock: 2,000 Gold.

Although Batman is considered a brute choice, there is actually a strategy to him that can uplift your entire game.

His Batarang attack can be a boon when timed correctly, with returning projectiles that reduce your cooldown times. You can build up a lot of damage and apply plenty of stacks of Weakened status effect to enemies by using your Batarangs well.

If you get in trouble, you can drop a Smoke Bomb to envelope your allies and makes you immune to attacks. If an opponent enters the smoke zone, they will get slowed down.

A-Tier Characters

  • Type: Bruiser.
  • Unlock: 1,500 Gold.

Shaggy may not look like the strongest character in the game, but he definitely packs a punch.

His most brutal attack is Power Stomp, a charged strike that can break your opponents’ armor. In a similar air attack, Shaggy clenches his fists together and ground slams an opponent.

If you really wish to see incredibly high damage numbers, check out his Zoinks! move that expels pent up rage into a devastating attack.

Unfortunately, Shaggy is too one-note to be in S-tier.

Jake the Dog
  • Type: Bruiser.
  • Unlock: 2,000 Gold.

Most players rely on Jake’s side air attack, which is effective but quickly gets annoying for both the player and the opponent. Don’t neglect this bright yellow dog, though. He is not just a one-trick pony.

Where’s My Halfpipe? is a fun trick that you can use to annoy opponents by jumping onto their heads with a skateboard. Try it, as it is one of the coolest things you can do in Multiversus.

As for his best move, then it is undoubtedly Rubber Stomach, which allows Jake to literally swallow opponents and shoot them as projectiles at other enemies.

B-Tier List

Finn the Human
  • Type: Assassin.
  • Unlock: 2,000 Gold.

Finn is often cited as the best or most overpowered character in Multiversus.

He’s got plenty of upsides, which does make him one of the best characters in Multiversus, but put him against a solid Batman or Bugs Bunny player, and you can suddenly see all of his flaws.

Still, Finn’s a very fun character and probably the most beginner-friendly of the roster. Use his Power Stomp move for some AoE shenanigans, or go for his Backpack Attack, which is a favorite of many Finn players.

Harley Quinn
  • Type: Assassin.
  • Unlock: 2,000 Gold.

Harley Quinn is a queen of combos!

This means that she is really fast, but mastering her moves can be really difficult. That’s why Harley is one of the least beginner-friendly characters in Multiversus.

Once you master her Slider combo, or one of her specials, such as Stuffie Bat or Jerk-in-the-Box, then she may easily become your personal S-tier character. But getting there will take time and a lot of practice.

Tom and Jerry
  • Type: Mage, Ranged.
  • Unlock: 2,000 Gold.

Tom and Jerry is another case of “great moves that are hard to master.” But once you get to know their attacks, you may well find yourself their biggest fan.

For example, the infamous charged Paddle-Paddle-Paddle upswing can be absolutely crushing for an opponent who can’t find a way to break the cycle.

Also, try Tom’s tennis racket special or a fishing lure to deal with large enemies, such as Iron Giant.

There are many other great moves you can practice with, but just like in the case with Harley Quinn, it’s not going to be easy.

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