Murdered: Soul Suspect Guide – Ghost Lore

Here's your Murdered: Soul Suspect guide to Ghost Lore.
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Murdered: Soul Suspect has such a unique twist on its storyline thanks to the writers of Square Enix and Salem, Massachusetts. Having recently played through the game, I enjoyed traveling throughout the town and stumbling upon new discoveries.

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There are several ghost stories throughout the town of Salem. Upon discovering one item to a certain story itself, you must find the others to unlock its completed story played back to you in a flashback. Other types of lore give details to the rich history that once plagued Salem. Many of these can be found on the ground, walls, floors, and even as plaques. Using your ghostly powers is an asset when it comes to discovering some of these.

Here’s your list of Ghost Lore:
  • A Watery Grave – 7 items
    • These items (water tanks) are found throughout all the apartments, basement and pool table room
  • A Bell Tower Banshee – 11 items
    • These items (chainsaws) are found throughout the Church
  • The Stalwart Specter – 8 items
    • These items (shotguns) are found throughout the Salem Police Station
  • The Heirloom – 13 items
    • These items (decorative stones) are found throughout the Ashland Hills Cemetery
  • Man in the Box – 10 items
    • These items (straight jackets) are found throughout the Lux Aeterna Mental Hospital
  • Terror on the Tracks – 15 items
    • These items (stones) are found throughout the Museum
  • Eternal Flame – 16 items
    • These items (gas cans) are found throughout the town of Salem
  • Ghost Girl’s Messages – 23 items
    • These items (ghostly drawings) are found throughout the game in odd places–on walls, in alleyways, mausoleums (crypts)
  • Salem’s History – 25 items
    • These items are found throughout the game as plaques
  • Witch Trials History – 9 items
    • These various items are found throughout
  • Ashes to Ashes – 11 items
    • These items (book encircled with candles) are found throughout Judgment House
  • Profiler’s Memories – 6 items
    • These items (pamphlets) are found throughout the game
  • Julia’s Thoughts – 38 items
    • These items (notes) are found throughout the game–in corners, at the beach, some in hard to reach areas (so using your Powers is an asset), on tables…
  • My Life – 7 items
    • These items are found throughout the town
  • Truth About My Killer – 39 items
    • These items are found throughout the game. Each item is different from a map, a poem written on a wall, symbols, newspapers
  • Rex’s Thoughts – 2 items
    • These items are found in the Street Investigation & Salem Police Station
  • Truth About Baxter – 2 items
    • These items are found in the Alleyway & Salem Police Station 

Remember to keep your eye open as all of these have the gold light, indicating for you to select them. The only one that isn’t as kind is the “Ghost Girl’s Messages.” Hope this helps!

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