Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Murdered:Soul Suspect - a review of paranormal lore.

Welcome to Salem, Massachusetts! Guess what? You're dead--but by whom? You know how, so let's get to investigating, shall we?

Square Enix has brought us a unique take on the crime-mystery genre with Murdered: Soul Suspect. It focuses around main character Ronan O'Connor, a detective with the Salem Police Department, and the mysterious Bell Serial Killer. Square Enix has incorporated the paranormal lore of Salem to bring a  twist to detective work in a whole new way.

Our opening is a grand blend of visuals through memories of Ronan O'Connor, providing with you (the player) with information into his past. A reformed criminal, turned police officer who also is a widow. I can say for myself, I wasn't expecting that and found myself intrigued.

After you "awake," you're told to move around thanks to the prompts in the game. Ronan moves quite heavily as he doesn't understand what has happened quite yet. Once you move towards the door ahead of you and are prompted to turn the knob, you can't. Trying again, Ronan is knocked back by the old lady opening the front door, only to hiss in disbelief and immediately go back inside. It's at that point Ronan sees his body on the ground.

I found it quite interesting having to align Ronan's spirit with his own physical body. Is that what an "out of body" experience feels like? After the ghostly transformation and meeting Julie's spirit, the police arrive on scene. After following a ghost girl, you learn that you have ghost abilities and that there are demons. This is where you begin your investigation.


You must discover clues by observing your surroundings, reading minds, using peek (to look through someone's eyes), eavesdropping, influencing others, learn to teleport, including possession of a certain animal (I won't say) to move through places you normally can't--there's 14 abilities, known as powers, in the game. The game lets you know which functions you can use on a particular NPC--a living being or "roaming spirit".


Solving investigations isn't as difficult as it sounds, I must say. If you're observant enough to pick-up all the clues, you can pull them all together pretty easily. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping it would be much more difficult for me to solve--not that I'm a detective.

There are side cases that must be solved along with the main storyline. These side cases that you solve, allow the roaming spirits to have closure and finally  move on. Some of these side cases give further inside details into Ronan's life before his death. These stories also give information into the world of Salem at every turn. Finding clues to specific items, you'll unlock the completed story that's played back as a flashback. Most are pretty grim.

Fighting & Demons?

Early on in the game, you learn that demons are souls who have lingered too long and will attempt to steal your soul. There is very limited combat in this game. The demons show up at random and vary on the number who arrive. I found it very easy to defeat them, and I was disappointed.

Ghost Lore

There are several ghost stories throughout the town of Salem. Upon discovering one item to a certain story itself, you must find the others to unlock its completed story played back to you in a flashback. Other lore give details to the rich history that once plagued Salem. Many of these can be found on the ground, walls, floors, and even as plaques. Using your ghostly powers is an asset when it comes to discovering some of these.

  • A Watery Grave - 7 items
  • A Bell Tower Banshee - 11 items
  • The Stalwart Specter - 8 items
  • The Heirloom - 13 items
  • and many more...

Overall, I will say I was satisfied with the game. I found the paranormal, crime-mystery to be fun and interesting. I'll admit though that the paranormal world fascinates me, so when I first heard about Murdered: Soul Suspect, my curiosity peaked. I think this was a great attempt at something unique but I did find it lacking. I found the game to be way too easy in finding items and solving investigations. The "lack" of demons made it seem a bit slow for my taste.

If you're looking for a game that's different and enjoy paranormal lore, then I would recommend this to try out. I'm not disappointed on spending the money on launch day to play it. I certainly knew to expect something different and for that, Square Enix doesn't disappoint. A visually stunning game with wonderful writing.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

Our Rating
Murdered:Soul Suspect - a review of paranormal lore.
Reviewed On: PC
Published Jun. 4th 2014
  • billd75
    I disagree with some of the content in this review. Granted this game is somewhat simplistic in it's approach, but it has so much else going for it. You are judging it based on difficulty rather than on content and fun factor. Also this is not some breakneck action, fast paced shooter yet your review seems to knock it for not being so. I like action packed as much as any red blooded male, but sometimes I like to chill with a more relaxing and casual game, especially before bed. This game fits that bill beautifully. It is the story that drives the gameplay and the story is excellent and at least you recognized that.
  • gabfran
    This is pretty much the universal feeling towards this game and unfortunately their last since they closed their doors after this "bomb."
  • Si_W
    I think there are a lot of misconceptions about this game.

    It's effectively a point and click adventure game wrapped in a third person environment,

    I'm enjoying it a lot.
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    That there is. You have to come to this game with an open-mind and no expectations I believe to truly appreciate what Square Enix is trying to bring. I did like the game but it was lacking.
  • billd75
    There we go! Someone who can really appreciate this game for the masterpiece it is. It's the fresh approach and story that I like and it drives the game.
  • Tezz Williams
    I've played through a lot of it now and can say that I almost fully agree with your review. The combat with demons is so infrequent and simple it may as well not even be in the game, most collectibles are easy to find and most of the game is just walking around the locations looking for clues. That being said, I love the presentation and the way Ronan sees other spirits and lingering memories of the 'old' Salem as he travels around, the storyline works really well, there's a few original ideas (such as possessing the cats) and I've not become bored with it quite yet. But it is very short (I'm over halfway after one evening's play) and I'm not sure if I'll bother with it again afterwards. Whilst I'm glad I've experienced it, a 5, maybe a 6 at a stretch seems about the right score to give it.
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    I agree as well.
  • Xavier's
    Featured Correspondent
    Hello I was just wondering how you would give a "visually stunning with wonderful writing" game a 5? Just curious.
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    Good question! I enjoyed the overall paranormal lore and how the writers incorporated it. The graphics are beautiful but overall the game is lacking in what I feel makes a great game. This is for--in that it gets boring quickly, you're just walking around, the lack of demons for fighting as compared to its initial advertisement are very lacking, everything is easily found without even trying, it's a short game and it was way too easy. All of that combined even with a unique use of story and beautiful graphics, doesn't make it worthy of anything higher--my personal opinion. Try out the game and see for yourself.
  • Xavier's
    Featured Correspondent
    thanks for clearing that up!
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    Np :)
  • billd75
    I agree. She knocks it and praises it. Make up your mind. When I give a game a 5 it's because it mostly sucks and my review reflects that. With all the good she said about it it should be rated a 6 maybe 7.

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