Must-Have Free Android Apps for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Favorite free Android apps carefully picked by an avid Minecraft Pocket Edition player!

Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) has been topping the download charts in the games category a long time now. Alongside with its continued rise in popularity new apps related to MCPE pops up regularly. Some of the apps are a complete waste of time and only published by people to make a quick dime on ads. But some of them are treasures for players as they provide everything from new in-game content to ideas what to build.

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As I am an avid Minecraft player I am searching Google Play every week for new apps to use. The apps you will find below are a personal pick of favorites but you are of course free to share your own favorites too in the comments for me to check out.

Mods for Minecraft PE – ModsMonster

Installing different kind of modifications for MCPE is one of my favorite time consumers. Two days ago I found this app while searching for new mods. A major part the app consisted of mods I had never seen before which to me is surprising since I spend such a great deal of time on Minecraft. The things I like the most is the beautiful blue design, the detailed descriptions and images and the simply laid out user interface.

Maps for Minecraft PE – MapsMonster

The same creators of the above mods app have recently released a maps app. As I’m an avid user of their mods app it came naturally to test their next app as well. What I enjoyed the most with the maps app is the automatic installation function. Basically all you’ve got to do to have a map installed is just click a button and it’s done. Super easy!

Building Ideas – Minecraft PE

Building can be fun but if you are like me and don’t always feel very creative then an external push from somebody else could be helpful. Most of the things I build in MCPE are creations where I’ve used the Building Ideas app. The app has many different types of creations like skyscrapers, houses and temples. Even if they haven’t laid out the exact architecture sketches the images usually serve with enough inspiration.

House Ideas Minecraft PE

The app got tons inspirational images for house structures to build. Everything from hobbit like houses to typical middle class homes. The images are usually clear along with some quick text instructions. Usually the text instructions aren’t the best but the images are usually enough to get started on the build.

Update News

New updates of MCPE are constantly in the works by the company developing the game (Mojang AB). Even though the updates only once every few months it is still nice to know what next to expect. With the “Update News” app you get access to the latest information about MCPE quickly through the app. No need to visit multiple different Twitter accounts or read dreary and lengthy blog posts and press releases.

I intend to update this list of apps as I stumble upon more apps. If you know of any worthy apps to check out be sure to let me know in the comments.

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