Fallout 4 is impressive, but these game mods improve the world ten-fold.

Must-have mods to improve your Fallout 4 experience

Fallout 4 is impressive, but these game mods improve the world ten-fold.
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Fallout 4 is hands-down one of the best role-playing games to launch in recent years. Fans the world over have been waiting for this experience since the launch of Fallout 3 so many years prior. New Vegas was a fine game and all, but nothing can compare to what Bethesda can craft on their own.

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Thankfully, the team at Bethesda has also given the gaming community the chance to implement their own carefully designed game mods to improve the player experience, or to simply make it their own. Here are some mods we cannot recommend enough, as they improve the core experience by boosting sound, graphics, and gameplay to the next level.

High Settlement Budget

The size of the settlement you build within the game is already quite restricted from the start. With this particular mod, you can place more objects and grow far larger, even growing so big as to have your own mini-city. Of course, adding in new objects and people will tax your system, so watch your performance and mind any potential crashes that could occur.

Craftable Ammunition

The workstations within Fallout 4 enable the player to construct a lot of varied items, including weapon mods and grenades. However, the one thing you cannot craft is ammunition. This mod will allow you to construct absolutely every type of ammo within the game: shotgun shells, flamer fuel, mini-nukes, and even fusion cells for your rifles.

In order to craft more powerful ammunition, of course, your Gun Nut, Science, and Demolition perks will need to be raised higher.

Place in Red

Anyone who has spent significant time building up their settlement has come across the problem of trying to place an item and having the red outline appear telling them they cannot put something down. This mod removes that problem altogether.

With this installed, the player can insert any object and have it overlap another without any annoying hindrances. 

Full Dialogue Interface

Anyone who found themselves sorely missing the old dialogue option style from the past Fallout franchise titles should absolutely love this download. The mod will fully restore earlier option styles while you are in a conversation with an NPC. Now, you can finally know how you will respond, whether it be with anger or sarcasm.

Vendor Caps

We’ve all been there, you save up a bunch of junk items and take it to the local vendor to earn yourself a nice amount of caps. Unfortunately, the vendor in question doesn’t have enough to pay for everything, so you need to search through their wares to score some loot in place of the money. Vendor Caps will rectify that problem by giving vendors a more reasonable amount of cash to pay you with.

Stars Texture Overhaul

The night sky is one of the most impressive vistas the player can lay their eyes on while playing Fallout 4. Unfortunately, the original sky is only 1K. But this mod improves those shiny stars to 4K resolution instead. This improvement makes them brighter and offers a bit of a glimmer for when you are walking the wasteland.

Stalker Lighting

The wasteland has always been known for being atmospheric, but the Stalker Lightning mod improves upon that ten-fold. This mod ensures the world is a lot less bright, a but more harsh, and offers the true experience of a bleak post-apocalyptic wasteland. You’ll want to instinctively watch your back more often now.

Rain of Brass

If you’re anything like me, then you have dreamt of living within an action-packed world where the shell casings of your spent ammunition flies through the air in slow-motion. This mod offers something similar, but without the slow-motion. Shell casings from a firefight will now be visible from far greater distances, up to 500 meters, in fact. The ground, once said firefight has come to a conclusion, will be covered in spent shells.

Fallout 4 Script Extender

We’re seeing the Fallout 4 modding community grow before our very eyes, which means the future is going to hold a lot more game mods and developers working hard. The Script Extender will ensure more mods can work together and with the original game’s files. Should something go wrong, the SE will ensure no permanent damage is caused, too.

Fallout Mod Manager

As of right now, the Steam Workshop does not support Fallout 4 mods. That means everything you install has to be done manually. To ensure everything coincides and works correctly, utilizing the Mod Manager could be immensely helpful, especially for newcomers. 

All of these mods will work together without any known problems occurring. Each one of these has been specifically designed to improve your overall gameplay experience, so make use of what other community-based developers have done to help you and the franchise as a whole. If there are other mods you think should be on this list, name them in the comments below!

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