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My Hero Ultra Rumble: How to Get Hero Souls

Here's how to get Hero Souls in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

With the launch of Bandai Namco’s free-to-play battle royale My Hero Ultra Rumble, you can officially play as your favorite heroes and villains from My Hero Academia. Not only does the game come with 18 playable characters, but there are also several useful currencies to earn. You’ll gather Hero Crystals, Roll Tickets, Gallery Pieces, and more! It can be difficult to know how to get all the currencies, though, especially Hero Souls. In this guide, we’ll break down how to get Hero Souls in My Hero Ultra Rumble and how you can use them to unlock unique characters. 

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How to Get Hero Souls in My Hero Ultra Rumble

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You can get Hero Souls in My Hero Ultra Rumble by rolling duplicate items. There’s an overwhelming number of costumes, emotes, characters, and voice lines you might unlock when you use Roll Tickets or roll with Hero Crystals. But this also means that you’re bound to get two of the same rewards.

You’ll know you’ve received a duplicate when the reward screen doesn’t show “New” in the top-left corner of the item. Instead, you’ll see a glowing Hero Soul icon and the amount you gained.

How to Use Hero Souls in My Hero Ultra Rumble

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At first, I thought getting an additional currency was a measly consolation prize. But I was happy to find out that they’re really useful! You need a good supply of Hero Souls to get Character Tickets, which you’ll use to unlock three characters: Denki Kaminari, Tenya Iida, and Itsuka Kendo. You can also use Hero Souls to fill out the illustrations in your Gallery by purchasing Gallery Pieces!

To use them, go to the Standard Shop and click on the Hero Souls tab, where you can currently purchase five items. Here’s the list with their corresponding prices:

  • First Character Ticket: 100 Hero Souls
  • Second Character Ticket: 200 Hero Souls
  • Third Character Ticket: 300 Hero Souls
  • Gallery Piece Red: 1 Hero Soul
  • Gallery Piece Green: 1 Hero Soul

Well, that does it for how to get Hero Souls in My Hero Ultra Rumble. For more on how to use Auras and how to block, check out our dedicated MHUR guides hub!

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