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My Hero Ultra Rumble: How to Unlock Momo

Want to play the Class 1-A vice representative in MHUR? Here’s how to unlock Yaoyorozu.

My Hero Ultra Rumble has a healthy mix of characters to play as, ranging from fan-favorite heroes to memorable villains. Only some are available at the start, including the Everything Hero herself from Class 1-A. Here is how to unlock Momo in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

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How to Unlock Momo in My Hero Ultra Rumble

To unlock Momo Yaoyorozu you’ll need to get her through Plus Ultra Rolls. Unlike other characters, you won’t unlock her through leveling up. Her drop rate is .0533% for each roll. If you’re trying to get her purely through this RNG, you’ll simply need luck on your side.

There’s a somewhat guaranteed method to get her though. Each time you try your luck with a roll, you’ll earn a point. Using 100 tickets for ten rolls will give you ten points, for example. Once you earn 200 points for the Plus Ultra Roll, you can click on the Exchange button to unlock one of three characters, which includes Momo. These won’t roll over to the next banner though, so you’ll need to gather up the points over a short period.

A lot of roll tickets are offered to new players, although to earn more you’ll need to grind it out. Your other option is using Hero Crystals, which is a premium currency.

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Is Momo Good in Ultra Rumble?

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Every My Hero Ultra Rumble character is viable in some way, but Momo is certainly a standout. A modest 350 HP and a variety of quirk skills make her a common sight near the top of ranking lists.

Quirk Skills

  • Create: Strike and Stop — Creates a blunt weapon that she then swings forward. 
  • Create: Unfalling Castle Wall — Creates a shield to protect you and any allies behind you. Holding the button down will use it for a thrust attack first. The shield will disappear either after enough time has passed or if it takes a certain amount of damage.
  • Create: Bullet Rain — Summons a cannon that regularly shoots rounds.

Special Action

  • Yaoyorozu’s Lucky Bag — Summons a lucky bag that has different items inside like a chest.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Momo in My Hero Ultra Rumble. For a breakdown of what’s needed for other heroes and villains, check out our character unlock guide. Everything else you need to go plus ultra can be found with our MHUR guides.

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