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My Hero Ultra Rumble: How to Get Froppy

Froppy is a tough character to unlock in My Hero Ultra Rumble. Here's how you can get her on your roster.

There are many adorable characters from My Hero Academia in My Hero Ultra Rumble. Just look at Ochaco Uraraka and Cementoss! But the winner by far is Froppy, also known as Tsuyu Asui. As a Rapid hero, she not only brings cuteness to your team but also helpful frog-like abilities. However, it will take some grinding and patience to unlock Froppy on your roster. Here’s how to get Froppy in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

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How to Get Froppy in My Hero Ultra Rumble

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If you want to unlock Froppy in My Hero Ultra Rumble, you’ll need to level up your Special License. You’ll level up your license rank the more you gain EXP from completing matches. While you’ll unlock characters such as Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki early on, you’ll need to reach Level 7 to unlock Froppy. It might be a grind, though, as it takes 30,000 EXP to reach Level 1.

However, you can speed up the process. If you have enough Hero Crystals, you can purchase additional License EXP, which will help you rank up much faster.

Why You Should Unlock Froppy in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Froppy offers great support and utility in My Hero Ultra Rumble. Her agile tongue and camouflage abilities ensure you and your allies benefit from speedy getaways. Here’s a breakdown of her Quirk Skills and Special Action:

  • Quirk Skills:
    • Ribbit Shot: Attack the enemy with your long tongue or use your tongue to move in mid-air.
    • Ribbit Swing: Attack an area using your tongue to sweep back and forth. If activated mid-air, you’ll knock down opponents.
    • Camofrog: Camouflage and blend into your surroundings.
  • Special Action:
    • Froggy Catch: Use your tongue to pull a downed ally towards you to revive them.

That covers how to get Froppy in My Hero Ultra Rumble! This frog-like hero will definitely help you sneak up on enemies and loot boxes out in the open. For more on unlocking characters and how to get character tickets, check out our growing MHUR guides hub here on GameSkinny.

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