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My Hero Ultra Rumble Best Characters Tier List

Make the strongest team using our tier list of the best characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

There are 18 characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble. You can either play the game in solo mode or team up with two other players for team play. Of course, it’s much more fun to invite friends in MHUR and play together. Either way, our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble, including their best abilities and synergies.

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Best Characters Tier List for My Hero Ultra Rumble

Here’s a quick breakdown of our tier list of the best characters in MHUR:

S-Tier Characters

Katsuki Bakugo

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Bakugo is both extremely mobile and hits very hard, which is an unusual but highly advantageous combo. His R2 attack is especially powerful, although it may be a bit hard to aim. There’s a great possibility that his projectile damage will get nerfed in the future, as it’s currently a bit too high. But right now, he’s both an excellent team player and a solo hero, so you can never go wrong with him.

Shoto Todoroki

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Todoroki utilizes fire and ice damage to control the battlefield, and that’s not an easy role to fulfill. I noticed it’s better to use his fire damage when going solo and his freeze mechanics when playing in a team. His Fire Barrage attack at Level 9 is incredibly powerful and basically leaves no survivors. If you need to protect yourself and your teammates, then use the Ice Wall to win time for drinking some potions.

A-Tier Characters

Tenya Iida

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Tenya is the only character in MHUR who can pick up a wounded character at high speed and move them away from the battlefield for a revival. This makes him not only a general Rapid hero but also a secret supporter, which can be very useful. But as a solo character, he may not be as good since all of his attacks are exclusively melee.

Ibara Shiozaki

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Although Ibara is designated as a Supporter hero, she’s actually got some incredible sniping skills and ranged AoE attacks. Of course, you need to position her away from the battlefield, and preferably on a high spot, for her deadly skills to really work out well. Otherwise, her low mobility may be disadvantageous, and she’ll get assassinated sooner than you’d think.

Tomura Shigaraki

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Shigaraki is another slow character, but I like him in the A-tier because of his superb DPS skills and AoE attacks. I’d mostly recommend using him at the endgame when the zone is smaller in size and you have the chance to level him up. He’s just unbeatable at close range, and his jumping basic attacks are so strong that you can literally destroy buildings.

B-Tier Characters

Ochaco Uraraka

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Uraraka can move around really well using her Grapple ability and deal a decent amount of damage with her special skills. You’d have to upgrade her Spin ability to increase the damage output, so you need to choose between the Grapple and the Spin. Although you could use Grapple to escape the zone, it looks like it might be bugged at this point, so go with the Spin instead.


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Dabi is very good at controlling the battlefield, but I’d never use him outside of team play or at close range. He shoots projectiles with low damage, and his mobility is subpar, so Dabi is not a good choice for solo play. But if you pair him up with Shigaraki, then you can really make things work in your favor.

That’s it for our tier list of the best characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble. Stay tuned for more MHUR tips and tricks articles right here.

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