NBA 2K24: All Takeover Icons Explained

Here are all the Takeover Icons in NBA 2K24, explained.

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While playing MyCareer in NBA 2K24, you’ll gain access to boosts that positively accentuate each aspect of your game. These boosts are referred to as Takeovers. They cover a variety of different abilities, be it on offense or defense. Formally known as badges, these are now displayed as icons that can be activated when their corresponding meters are filled. While they still offer you potent boosts when on the digital court, they may cause. Here are all the Takeover icons in NBA 2K24 explained.

All NBA 2K24 Takeover Icons Explained

Image via 2K Games

Takeover icons are divided into five categories:

  • Finishing
  • Shooting
  • Playmaking
  • Defense/Rebounding
  • Physicals.

These categories are rather straightforward, and their boosts will impact their corresponding categories.

  • Finishing will impact your ability to finish when near the basket.
  • Shooting will affect your ability from the field.
  • Playmaking will determine how efficient you are at passing.
  • Defense/rebounding will provide boosts when not in possession of the ball.
  • Physicals will determine how quick and strong your player will bet.

To fill their respective meters, you’ll have to make positive contributions on the court. That can be through scoring points, getting assists, grabbing rebounds, etc. Even after a meter is filled once, it can be filled a second time to unlock a Double Takeover, which provides an even bigger boost. The Takeover icons, as well as their required button inputs, are as follows:

  • Finishing (A/X): Checkered flag.
  • Shooting (X/Square): Crosshair.
  • Playmaking (Y/Triangle): Basketball with motion trail.
  • Defense (LB/L1): Shield with basketball design.
  • Physicals (RB/R1): Hand with dumbell.

That covers all of the Takeover icons in NBA 2K24. Now that you know what each icon means, consider checking out our NBA 2K24 guides hub to find topics such as where to find the Daily Spin or all Contact Dunk requirements.

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