NBA 2K24: Best Layup Package

What's the best layup package in NBA 2K24?

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In NBA 2K24, you’ll primarily perform jumpshots to get points. And on occasion, you’ll take it to the house and throw down a vicious drunk, getting those points in style. However, a drive to the basket doesn’t always end in a dunk. Instead, you’ll perform a lower-risk layup for a quick basket. In this year’s installment, there are several different styles of layups — known as layup packages — that MyCareer players can choose from. Here’s the best layup package in NBA 2K24.

The Best Layup Package in NBA 2K24

Image via 2K Games

Like every other customizable category in NBA 2K24, there are many different layup packages that you can equip your MyCareer player with. All of them have unique animations attached to them, such as finishes and euro steps. But which of them is the best?

From everything I’ve gathered playing dozens of hours of the game is that the Circus Layups package seems to stand out amongst the rest of the choices. In line with its name, the Cirus Layups package is a collection of unorthodox or otherwise over-exaggerated motions that will throw off defenders and make it very difficult for them to get a hand on your shot. As we always say, timing is everything. And with Circus Layups, you will make timing on your opponent’s end that much more difficult.

How to Equip Circus Layups in NBA 2K24

If you want to change your layup package in NBA 2K24, the process is relatively straightforward. It is as follows:

  • Go to MyCareer
  • Go to MyPlayer
  • Select Animations
  • Select Gameplay Animations

Now that you know what the best layup package in NBA 2K24 is, consider checking out our guides on how Timing Stability works, the best jumpshots in the game, and our various other NBA 2K24 tips and tricks.

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