NBA 2K24: Best Jumpshots

Here are the best jumpshots to use in NBA 2K24.

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In NBA 2K24, most of your scoring will be done through jumpshots. Driving to the basket to get a layup or a dunk will require you to penetrate several layers of defense depending on how your opponent is lined up. That will then require you to take either a mid-ranger or a three-point shot to grab points. In this guide, we’ll go over the best jumpshots in NBA 2K24 to make you even more of a threat.

The Best Jumpshots in NBA 2K24

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The effectiveness of any move like this comes down to a variety of factors. The difference between making and missing a jumpshot is a combination of timing, the player’s rating, where the shot is taken, and even your player’s height.

The one universal truth when it comes to NBA 2K24 jumpshots is that speed matters. Choosing a jumpshot that has a quick animation is paramount. And the secret sauce to these animations is all in the Lower/Base category when creating your jumpshot in MyCareer. Everything else will be dealer’s choice and based completely on your personal preferences.

Best Jumpshot Base for Players Above 6’5″

If you’re using a forward that’s on the taller side — 6’5″ or taller — then J.T. Thor’s base is by far the best option you can use. Thor’s base has an A- release height rating while also maintaining a snappy A- release speed rating. This means that not only will the animation give you a high apex, but it will also ensure that the ball is out of your player’s hand as quickly as possible.

Best Jumpshot Base for Players Below 6’5″

When it comes to choosing a guard build — one below 6’5″ — it’s been a difficult process for me. Originally, I was enjoying John Wall’s animations. But after taking some recommendations, I found that Stephan Curry has by far the snappiest and most responsive base animation. And considering he is one of the NBA’s most prolific shooters, why wouldn’t he be?

These are our picks for the best jumpshots in NBA 2K24. If you want to continue improving your jumper, be sure to consult our guide on the best speed for Visual Shot Timing Cues in addition to other NBA 2K24 guides!

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