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NBA 2K24: How to Increase Rep

Here are the best ways to increase your Rep in NBA 2K24.

If you aren’t trying to flex in NBA 2K24, then you’re playing the wrong game. Since introducing its MyCity mode as part of MyCareer, the NBA 2K series has always encouraged you to flaunt your greatness, whether it be on the virtual court or when simply walking around its quasi-open-world map. A big part of it all is your Rep rating. Divided into multiple tiers, Rep rating provides access to exclusive gear and attribute boosts and shows off how much work you’ve put in. But what’s the best way to go about collecting it? In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to increase your Rep rating in NBA 2K24.

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How to Increase Your Rep in NBA 2K24

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Before we go into detail about how to increase Rep in NBA 2K24, it’s important to note what it does and what benefits a higher Rep rating provides. Below is a list of Rep tiers and the awards you’ll receive for reaching them:

  • Rookie 1: The beginning rank. Provides Affiliation-branded basketball and banner.
  • Rookie 2: 2x Gatorade Boost and 10x Skill Boosts for each skill.
  • Rookie 3: Ability to remove shirt. New badge-improving drills.
  • Starter 1: Two-Way Tenacity Booster, 10x Gatorade Boosts, and 20x Skill Boosts.
  • Starter 2: Permanent additional turbo meter without gym workouts and an Affliation-branded Hoverboard.
  • Starter 3: New animation collection, daily rewards, 25x Gatorade Boosts, and 50x Skill Boosts.
  • Veteran 1: Recharge Booster and 50,000 VC.
  • Veteran 2: Defensive attributes are increased by +1 and Rebirth 2.0 is unlocked.
  • Veteran 3: Shooting attributes get a +1 bonus. Players also gain 100,000 VC, 99x Gatorade, and 99x Skill boosts.
  • Top 10: Top-10 logo, billboard announcements, and all attributes in Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense are increased by +2.

There are several methods to increase your Rep rating in NBA 2K24. The first and most obvious one is to simply play games. Whether it’s online in MyCity or offline in MyCareer, playing full games is the best way to increase your Rep rating. If you’re playing MyCareer as a means to getting your Rep rating up, be sure to raise the difficulty as high as you can. So long as your individual performance is good, the gains will be significant. If you’re online, be sure to play with a consistent group for team bonuses. Another great way to increase your Rep rating is by completing challenges. These challenges mostly involve achieving certain milestones, such as shots or assists within games.

That’s how you increase Rep in NBA 2K24. For more useful information, check out more NBA 2K24 guides such as how Timing Stability works or what dribble moves are most effective.

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