New Pokemon Snap Illumina Orbs: How to Get Them

Here's how to unlock the Illumina Orbs for each of the islands in New Pokémon Snap.

Here's how to unlock the Illumina Orbs for each of the islands in New Pokémon Snap.

To make progress in New Pokemon Snap, you must meet certain criteria on each island to unlock other areas, times of day, and so on. One of those criteria you need to meet on each island is unlocking the New Pokemon Snap Illumina Orbs for that island.

Finding each of the New Pokemon Snap Illumnia Orbs is done simply by discovering an activated Crystabloom flower hiding somewhere on a course and photographing it for Professor Mirror. This will instantly gain you access to the throwable item, which in turn opens up new interactions, allowing for continued progress. 

For this New Pokemon Snap guide, we will discuss where each Crystabloom flower is located and what you need to do to photograph it so you can unlock the associated Illumina Orb. 

How to Unlock Each Island’s Illumina Orbs

Florio Nature Park (Night) 

Once you’ve unlocked the nighttime edition of the Nature Park course by getting to Level 2 on the daytime version, you’ll want to head there to find the Crystabloom. 

This is probably the easiest one to grab, as it’s simply sitting there waiting for you at the end of the course in the flower field on the right-hand side, where you just snap a quick picture and move on. Illumina Orb complete!

Additionally, you can photograph the Crystabloom at the beginning of the Illumina Spot for Florio, but you’ll gain access to this one sooner. 

Belusylva Founja Jungle (Night)

We’re once again looking for the night course for Belusylva’s Founja Jungle, where it’s almost as easy to get this Crystabloom as the first. Again, get to Level 2 on the Day course to unlock the Night version. 

Once you’ve reached the final section of the course with the waterfall and pond on your left, you’ll want to pay attention to the sleeping Quagsire sitting to the right side of the path. 

Next to this Quagsire is the glowing Crystabloom for Belusylva. Grab a picture and move on! You can now use Illumina Orbs on each of the courses on Belusylva.  

Maricopia  Lental Seafloor 

This is where things get a little more interesting, as you must complete a few steps on other courses to get this one unlocked in the first place. You’ll need to level up two courses to Level 2 in order to unlock this course — Blushing Beach (Day) and Maricopia Reef (Day). 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll start combing through the undersea depths where you’ll find a hidden Crystabloom. 

Before going down into the underwater cave where the Wailmer jettisons a Pyukumuku, you’ll see a patch of seaweed to your right filled with Cradily and Lumineon. 

There’s a sleeping Lumineon in the back-middle of the seaweed. You’ll need to hit it with a fluffruit so it moves, which will allow the glowing Crystabloom behind it to be photographed.  

Voluca  Sweltering Sands (Night)

Returning to the original methods from the first two islands, simply make it to Level 2 on the Sweltering Sand (Day) map to unlock its nighttime edition. 

From there you’ll enter the Night course and continue down the intended path (don’t take the course deviation to the left) and before you fall down into the area with the sleeping Onyx, look to the right along the cliffs. 

You’ll see the glowing Crystabloom as you begin to fall, so be ready for a quick shot or utilize your zoom once at the bottom to grab a shot and unlock Illumina Orbs for the Voluca region. 

Durice  Shiver Snowfields (Night)

After unlocking the nighttime course by getting to Level 2 in the Shiver Snowfield (Day) course, you’ll get about halfway through the course before finding this Crystabloom trying to hide. 

After you climb up the steep snow hill, you’ll enter the second section of the course and see a large crevice in front of you. 

As you make your way around it, look down into it to see the glowing Crystabloom down below. Snapshot—Illumina Orb unlocked!

Aurus  Ruins of Remembrance

Once you’ve attained Level 2 in the Outaway Cave course, you’ll unlock the ruins, where this Crystabloom is the easiest of them all to find. 

At the beginning section, after the Edlegoss float by and you see the Houndoom running around, you’ll want to pay attention to the right side of the course. Up on the cliff wall, you’ll have your flower waiting to be photographed. 

After you grab that picture, you will have unlocked all of the Illumina Orbs for New Pokémon Snap and can continue to work on finding all the interactions and alternate routes on your way to filling out your PhotoDex. 

And that’s how to get all of the New Pokemon Snap Illumina Orbs. For more on New Pokemon Snap, consider heading over to our guide hub for the game

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