Build the best party using our tier list guide for the best characters in NieR Reincarnation.

NieR Reincarnation Character Tier List

Build the best party using our tier list guide for the best characters in NieR Reincarnation.

Players can use up to three characters in a single loadout in NieR Reincarnation. If you don’t get the characters you want initially, you can reroll characters using gems to build the best team to complete missions and subquests in The Cage. This tier list will outline the best characters in NieR Reincarnation currently.

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Outside of rolling some of the most powerful characters in the game with high damage and defense skills, it’s also worth summoning and unlocking useful support characters that provide value for your whole team.

S-Tier Characters

A2: Divergent Attacker

  • Weapon: Fire Greatsword
  • Strength: 697
  • HP: 2185

A2 has access to one of the strongest swords in the game, which makes her an extremely dangerous attacker and the most powerful character in NieR Reincarnation overall. On top of that, her attack power is increased by 11% when using the Momentum attack.

Your critical hit chance can also be improved greatly by using a Surprise attack, which increases the critical hit rate by 11% as well.

A2’s only drawback is low endurance stat. This means that you need to increase her durability in order to balance things out. Otherwise, she can be a bit too vulnerable to stronger hits from enemies at higher Forces.

2B: Divergent Battler

  • Weapon: Dark Sword
  • Strength: 674
  • HP: 2416

2B is a true combo fighter with an ability to chain up to five different attacks and yield an incredibly high amount of damage. Just like A2, she also has access to the Momentum attack that continually increases her damage by 11%.

Although 2B has low durability, you can increase her agility by using the Shunsho attack. It allows you to move faster, deal high damage faster, and thus stay out of the trap of battles that may drag for too long.

Because of that, 2B is a slightly better character than A2 in certain circumstances, but only by a smidge.

A-Tier Characters

Gale: Abstract Hunter

  • Weapon: Wind Sword
  • Strength: 668
  • HP: 2534

Gale is undoubtedly a very powerful attacker, but her high HP and defense make her a very durable fighter that can take a hit or two without disruption.

Her Desperate attack is good not only for increasing her own damage but also for buffing the attack power of all her allies by 6% for 30 seconds. This makes her a very valuable character during boss fights.

With all that said, Gale’s power is inferior to that of A2 and 2B, though she can serve as an excellent support character.

Akeha: Mechanical Assassin

  • Weapon: Light Greatsword
  • Strength: 659
  • HP: 2138

Akeha may not have high damage initially, but once her HP drops below 50%, her attack power increases by 26%. Then, she deals 65% of her base attack to an enemy in four consecutive hits.

This kind of ability can be especially useful in PvP battles, where your chances of surviving may be low, but your chances of winning actually get higher as you lose life.

You can also increase Akeha’s defenses by 11% with the help of her Guardian skill.

NieR Reincarnation B-Tier Characters

Dimis: Abstract Gunman

  • Weapon: Dark Gun
  • Strength: 653
  • HP: 3311

Unlike most other characters, Dimis wields a firearm that allows him to be more agile during combat, but it also makes him more vulnerable to strong attacks. His Dark Gun is also not too powerful in comparison to all the greatswords.

Fortunately, his base HP is really high, so he can take many more hits. But his overall best skill is Flash that allows him to blind his enemies with a 75% chance. This status will last for three turns rendering his enemies completely useless.

9S: Divergent Scanner

  • Weapon: Light Sword
  • Strength: 638
  • HP: 2732

9S has everything except high attack power. He’s got durability, agility, and excellent defenses, but his light sword just doesn’t match the rest of the characters on this list.

But due to his other stats, he can be an excellent ally and support character in almost any type of match.

In PvP his stun ability will be of great value, where he can knock off an enemy and inflict a series of hits using combos for higher damage.

And that’s the tier list of the best characters currently in NieR Reincarnation. Be sure to check out our other Reincarnation guides for more tips. 

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