How to Reroll in Nier Reincarnation

Here's how to reroll in Nier Reincarnation and get some of the game's best characters as early as possible.

You can get pretty far in Nier Reincarnation using the game's base characters. But once you hit Chapter 6 or Chapter 7, you'll essentially be forced to summon to get four-star characters and weapons. So, before you get too far into the story, you should summon and reroll your initial pulls to get the highest Force values early. 

Nier Reincarnation reroll is actually fairly simple. Play through the prologue and the first Dark Scarecrow fight of Chapter 1: Windblown Sand. After that battle, you should be able to access the main menu in the bottom left corner of the screen (tap there if you don't see it). 

In my playthrough, it appeared at the first Black Bird location, which isn't long after the first encounter. By that point, you'll have around 5,500 gems (perhaps a few more) just from the Gift Box. You'll need 3,000 gems for 10 summons and 300 gems for a single summons. 

Of course, you can try your luck here and summon for a four-star character or weapon, though I've mainly pulled three-star versions the few times I've rerolled. If you wait until the beginning of Chapter 2, you'll unlock the Missions menu, where you can collect more gems for completing challenges like tapping Mama 100 times.

Pulls come in three varieties: blue blocks, gold blocks, and purple blocks. Here's how they break down.

  • Blue = 2-Star
  • Gold = 3-Star
  • Purple = 4-Star

If you don't get what you're looking for, you can reroll relatively quickly. On both Android and iPhone, simply uninstall the game, redownload, and restart. You don't have to remove your app data for rerolling to work.

You'll have to play through the first chapter or two to (hopefully) get some of the best characters in the game, but doing a reroll or two will be worth it. For more on Nier Reincarnation, consider checking out some of our other guides here.  

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Published Aug. 4th 2021

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