Wondering how to create Chromatic Metal using the Portable Refiner? This step-by-step guide for No Man's Sky Next shows you how.

No Man’s Sky Beyond: How to Get Chromatic Metal

Wondering how to create Chromatic Metal using the Portable Refiner? This step-by-step guide for No Man's Sky Next shows you how.

No Man’s Sky Beyond is finally here and you get to play with all the cool new features that have been implemented by Hello Games. However, you’ll still need to look out for old materials. Early on, one of the most sought after materials required to build many advanced systems in the is Chromatic Metal.

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If you’re having trouble finding Chromatic Metal, that’s because you can only create it using a Portable Refiner. So just follow our guide below for all the steps required to get this elusive chromatic material.

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Creating Chromatic Metal with the Portable Refiner

Chromatic metal entry in the No Man's Sky Beyond menu

Step 1: Find a Stellar Metal

In order to craft Chromatic Metal, first you need to have another pure metal as a source. Currently, there are the metals that make chromatic metal:

  • Copper
  • Cadmium
  • Emeril
  • Indium
  • Activated copper
  • Activated cadmium
  • activated emeril
  • Activated indium

You can find any of these metals as naturally-generated resources on any of the planets you visit. In order to find one of these four metals faster and easier, use the Terrain Manipulator attachment for your Multi-Tool, which increases the scan radius by 10%. 

To switch to the Terrain Manipulator from your mining tool, simply press “Triangle” on PS4, “G” on PC, and “Y” on Xbox One. 

Step 2: Build a Portable Refiner

When you have one of the required metals for creating Chromtic Metal, you can start building a Portable Refiner. It’s actually rather easy and here’s how you do it:

  1. Press Up on the D-Pad on PS4 and XB1 or Z on PC.
  2. Craft Portable Refiner.
Step 3: Create Chromatic Metal

Now, with the help of Portable Refiner you can finally create Chromatic Metal. You need to input one of your pure metals in the left-most square and any type of fuel into the top square of the Refiner. Then, press Enter on the Refiner, and in just a few seconds, you will have the result.

For example, if you have Copper as your source metal, then you will need 2x Copper to be able to get 1x Chromatic Metal.

That is all you need to know to be able to get Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky, but be sure to come back soon for even more guides at GameSkinny!

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