No Man's Sky Next: How to Get Pure Ferrite

You'll need Pure Ferrite for crafting in No Man's Sky Next. Here are three easy steps to getting it.

A lot of significant changes have been made in the No Man's Sky NEXT update, including many new base-building features. In order to construct a wide variety of structures, you will need special materials that can't be obtained by simple mining. One such material is Pure Ferrite.

In order to obtain Pure Ferrite, you need to use the Portable Refiner, which can create special types of resources using their raw counterparts.

If you want to learn how to get Pure Ferrite in No Man's Sky NEXT, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

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Creating Pure Ferrite with the Portable Refiner

Step 1: Gather Ferrite Dust

Before crafting a Portable Refiner, you first need to gather enough of the original resources to be able to obtain Pure Ferrite. The resource you're looking for is called Ferrite Dust, which can be easily gathered by mining various types of rocks, such as Lamantallite, Zacchite, and many others.

Alternatively, you could also break down Metal Plating, which also contains Ferrite Dust as one of its elements (1x Metal Plating = 50x Ferrite Dust).

Step 2: Build a Portable Refiner

The next step involves building a Portable Refiner, if you still don't have it. Here's a quick guide on how to craft and use one. 

Spoiler alert: it should be in your Exocrafts Tech menu

Step 3: Create Pure Ferrite

The last step is the easiest. This is when you need to insert your Ferrite Dust into the left slot of the Portable Refiner and any type of fuel into the top left slot. Then, activate the Refiner and the process will start.

After a short period of time (which depends on the amount of Ferrite Dust you input to the amount of Pure Ferrite you want), your Ferrite Dust will turn into the Pure Ferrite, which can be used for further building.


In these three simple steps you can now start acquiring Pure Ferrite for your structures, and be sure to check out other No Man's Sky Next guides at GameSkinny.


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Published Jul. 25th 2018

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