This No Man's Sky guide tells you how to get salvaged technology data and where to buy it.

No Man’s Sky Salvaged Technology Data Guide

This No Man's Sky guide tells you how to get salvaged technology data and where to buy it.

No Man’s Sky Salvaged Technology was first introduced in the No Man’s Sky NEXT update. Players used it to buy blueprints for base building. It’s still used for that in Beyond, but it’s now called Salvaged Data. 

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Getting these pieces of ancient tech data can be a grind. Like any other resource in the game, there’s no quick way to find it. However, one way is certainly better than the other.

We go over both below. The first is the easiest and most recommended way, while the second should only be used if you’re desperate because it is heavily governed by RNG. 

How to Find Salvaged Technology Data on Planets

Every single planet you visit in every single star system will have buried technology data under the surface. To find it: 

  • Pull up your Analysis Visor
  • Look for the “chevron” symbol with the three horizontal lines

Salvaged tech is always buried underneath the surface at these markers. Make sure you have the Terrain Manipulator handy. Some caches are located near the surface, while others are buried very deep underground. 

When you reach an underground cache, the Terrain Manipulator will automatically stop digging. Interact with it to claim your prize. 

Each cache holds at least one tech data module. Some caches hold up to five modules, although those are rare. 

A salvaged technology data location in No Man's Sky Beyond

Buy Salvaged Technology Data From Merchants

Of course, you can also buy what you’re looking for. However, it’s very, very rare that shops and traders sell tech data modules. 

However, despite how rare it might be, it’s recommended that you always check Galactic Trading Terminals at:

  • The Nexus
  • Space Stations
  • Spaceports
  • Trading Posts

Sometimes, you will find a trader selling one module or even five.

As expected, price depends on the sector’s economy. Always buy if the price is white or green. That means the price is average or lower than average. Don’t buy if the price is red. That means the price is above average, and you can find it cheaper elsewhere (such as digging it up yourself). 

Be Warned

Salvaged Technology Data attracts pirates. Since you can sell each module at a Galactic Trading Terminal for 50,000 credits, it’s natural pirates will want to steal them from you. 

That means you’ll often engage in space battles when carrying the resource. I recommend traveling in space as little as possible when carrying these modules. If possible, travel via portal from your base to a Space Station or another planet.

If you must travel through space via your ship, be sure to activate your thrusters toward your desired destination as quickly as possible, hopefully beating a subspace scan. 


That’s all you need to know about finding Salvaged Technology Data in No Man’s Sky after the Beyond update. For more, be sure to check out our other No Man’s Sky guides

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