Observer Guide: Solving the Room 104 Amir Puzzle to Escape the Infinite Hallway

Tired of running at random down any hallway dozens of times looking for the exit? We've got the secret to getting through this obnoxious puzzle!

Tired of running at random down any hallway dozens of times looking for the exit? We've got the secret to getting through this obnoxious puzzle!

Following the low-key exploits of the mad painter from Layers Of Fear, Bloober Team returns with cyberpunk/neo-noir follow-up Observer — refining the slow burn horror formula and throwing in some serious acting chops with none other than Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner).

The game will task you with solving a series of grisly murders in a run-down dystopian cityscape, using both tried-and-true detective methods and hacking into the minds of the deceased.

While a good deal of the game is straightforward and follows a clear path, there are a handful of puzzles that will take you from “head scratching” to “keyboard throwing”.

The first example of such an enraging puzzle takes place in the run down apartment room 104 while searching through the memories of dead drug pusher Amir. While nearing the end of Amir’s shattered memories, you’ll find yourself running at random down any hallway hoping to reach the end of a puzzle in an infinite loop… but no matter where you go, you always return to the same room.

How to Solve the Infinite Hallway Puzzle in Observer

The hub of this puzzle is a central room featuring three televisions — all showing the same video feed image. To advance through the puzzle, you need to change the images on the screen by following a specific hallway pattern.

If you see anything on the screens other than a door with trash cans next to it, that means you’ve accidentally stumbled through one of the correct patterns so far.

You can look for the appropriate section below and move forward from there, or instead just turn around and run through any random door to reset the puzzle to the trash can screen.

 The Infinite Loop Trash Can Start Image

To start this annoying infinite loop puzzle, first go through the hallway with the bed cots (with the open green cage door).

When you return to the main room, walk forward so you can see the shuttered wood door that won’t open (in this room there should be a huge chunk of cables on the wall, a door to your right, and hall to your left).

While in this room with the locked door, go down the left hall and return to the main room.

 The Hallway With Cots

Now look at the monitors to find that the trash cans are missing in the video feed, even though you can still see the main room. Anytime you see a different image, it means you’ve unlocked the next section.

In the main room, start by facing the door where the trash cans are positioned in your field of view, then turn left and go through the door near the table with the checkerboard cloth and the TV.

Go through the door back into the main room, and you should notice the TV screens are changed again — this time showing you a flickering light, meaning you need to go down that hallway with the light near the top of the wall.

To access this particular hallway, when facing the trash can door, turn right and go forward. There are two doors here, though – don’t go forward, and instead turn right immediately after the light to go through that door. 

 The Door With Trash Cans

Check the TV screen again, and it will show you an electric panel on the wall. This door doesn’t quite look like the image in the screen since it’s not sparking, however, so it’s hard to find it you don’t know where to look.

When facing the trash cans, turn right and keep going forward instead of turning into the door with the light. Now look at the TV one last time to see an image of a police interrogation room.

After looking at the screen for a few moments, you are automatically transported to the next segment. After the voice segment, just wiggle back and forth with the movement keys to break free. From there, the segment returns to more of a straightforward experience that’s easy to follow to the end.

That’s all you need to know to solve the infuriating infinite hallway puzzle in Room 104. Stay tuned for more Observer guides coming soon — and let us know in the comments if you’d like us to cover and particular segment!

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