Windows 10 Notification Center ruining your gameplay? Try this!

One Little Trick to Improve Fallout and Windows 10

Windows 10 Notification Center ruining your gameplay? Try this!
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I’ve been playing Fallout 4 in Windowed mode, because there are many indications that it provides some of the best performance on PC and fixes VSync vs. FPS issues. Also, I have a bit of ADHD and I like to browse the web even while playing Fallout. Yes, it’s a sickness.

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Tonight, Windows 10 started notifying me of updates in the action center. These updates are incredibly annoying, and doubly so when they happen during gameplay and you can’t turn them off or clear them. Here is what you do:

Right click the action center in your task bar (typically on the far right) then click ‘Turn on Quiet Hours’. That’s all there is to it. You will have to manually enable it later….but has the notification center every really told you something you care about?

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