You'll need plenty of Oobsidian to see everything Ooblets has to offer, but it's one of the hardest materials to find. Here's where to look.

Ooblets: How to Get Oobsidian

You'll need plenty of Oobsidian to see everything Ooblets has to offer, but it's one of the hardest materials to find. Here's where to look.

Oobsidian is a crafting material in Ooblets that’s an important component of several recipes and necessary for completing certain quests and Tinstle Tasks throughout the game. Whether you’re building your first Oobcoop or gathering items to repair Gimble’s balloon, you’ll need the resource within your first couple of days in Badgetown, but where do you find it?

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There are a handful of ways to get your hands on Oobsidian, though none of them are efficient or what one would call easy. This guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

Before we start, it’s worth knowing what this material looks like. Oobsidian is a black stone with diagonal gray markings and resembles a smooth river rock. Unlike most of the other naturally occurring crafting materials in Ooblets, Oobsidian is very rare and highly governed by RNG. You won’t find it in droves. 

Buy Oobsidian with Wishies

Every time you complete a daily challenge, get a badge, or complete a dance-off in the Dance Barn, you’ll get a certain number of Wishies, which you can spend in the Wishing Well to unlock new recipes, bring more Ooblets to Badgetown, or buy specific, hard-to-find items.

You can buy one Oobsidian for 100 Wishies. To access the Wishing Well: 

  • Open your Grumboire.
  • Select the “Stuff” tab.
  • Click the fountain icon underneath your player level on the left.
    • There will be a banner next to it with the number of Wishies you currently have. 

Forage for It

Foraging for Oobsidian is perhaps the most effective method for getting the coveted resource — and saying it’s effective is pushing the definition of the word. Regardless, keep your eyes peeled as you roam around Badgetown completing Tinstle Tasks, scanning Ooblets, and talking to the townsfolk. 

Since Oobsidian is black, it stands out against the vibrant colors of Badgetown. You’ll also notice a sparkle above and around Oobsidian, unlike other forageable items. Also keep in mind that it can be found inside some of the houses, as well. Here are some places to look: 

  • By the Badgetown Oobnet Tower and gate to the Wildlands
  • In the yard of the white house between Arah’s house and the Dance Barn.
  • In the chest in the purple house to the left of the Lernery. 
  • Underneath the Badgetown map next to Meed’s Seeds.
  • On the Badgetown beach. 

Break Rocks on Your Farm

You’ll need to break rocks on your farm to keep it clean and make new plots. There are also some daily challenges that reward a small number of Wishies for breaking rocks. But you should also do so for the small chance of getting a piece of Oobsidian. It’s rare, but it can happen. 


Every once in a while, you can hook a piece of Oobsidian by seadangling. Make sure to put items into the Reconstitooter to get Basic Bait, which increases your slim chances of getting the crafting material. You can spend Wishies upgrading the Reconstitooter to process items faster and craft High Quality Bait and Super Bait, but as with buying Oobsidian, save your Wishies for other upgrades and items first.

Go to the Ephemeral Ooblet Vacation Spot

Once you fix Gimble’s Balloon, you’ll be able to travel to new locations, like Mamoonia and Nullwhere. Every once in a while, you may find a message in a bottle on the Badgetown beach. This is an invitation to an Ooblet island vacation spot. You can only travel to this location with the invitation, but always go when you have the chance to collect the Oobsidian littering the island

Win Dance Barn Dance-Offs

As you level up, you’ll get new Tinstle Tasks, one of which is called “Reopen the Dance Barn.” Once completed, you’ll have access to the Dance Barn in the northern portion of Badgetwon, to the left of the Frunbuns Clubhouse. 

Here, you can participate in Dance Battles with unique rules, such as only being able to use signature abilities or removing all beat costs for all moves. You’ll also get unique rewards, such as Oobsidian.

There’s currently no specific rotation in which Oobsidian appears, but be sure to check the Tournament Schedule by entering the barn and interacting with the sign-up sheet on the table on the right side. 

It’s worth noting that you must beat three opponents to win the daily prize. The first dance-off is a 1v1 battle, the second 2v2, and the third 3v3, so be sure to bring your best, most powerful Ooblets.

Get It From Gleamy Ooblet Poop

Gleamy Ooblets are about as rare as Oobsidian, so it makes sense that they’d have the ability to make the material … by pooping it out. If you’re lucky enough to come across the glittering, shining Ooblets in your travels, challenge them to a dance battle and get one of their seeds; it doesn’t matter which Ooblet type. 

Plant the seed, wait for them to grow to maturity, and harvest them. Then leave the Gleamy Ooblet on your farm. Don’t assign them to an Oobcoop, but instead let them roam around free. Pet them from time to time (not sure if this is a requirement, but it doesn’t hurt to be nice), and every blue moon, they’ll poop out one piece of Oobsidian. 

The main takeaway from this guide is that getting Oobsidian isn’t an easy task. As one of the most elusive crafting materials in the game, you’ll be chasing it just as you will Clothlets. But with these tips, you should up your chances, even if by a little bit. For more on Ooblets, check out our guides hub right here

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