Ooblets: How to Win Dance Battles

Here's how to bust a move effectively and win Dance Battles in Ooblets.

It's all about your sweet moves Ooblets' dance battles. Getting the right number of points faster than your opponents can be tough, especially when you're flustered or have a hand full of useless cards. 

This Ooblets guide will provide you with tips on how to win dance battles to complete challenges or gather more seeds to hatch more Ooblets. There's an ebb and flow to rules that'll help you light up the dance floor once you know what to do.

Win Dance Battles With the Best Moves

Once a dance battle starts, you'll select an equal number of Ooblets from your Follow Babies squad to that of the opposing team (you can't select those from your Home Buddies). If you have more Ooblets than the required number for the dance-off, you should focus on the highest ranking from your troupe until you know the movesets of the opposing Ooblets for future battles.

It is possible to win dance-offs without the best team makeup; it can just be more difficult. As you level more Ooblets, you'll want to include a few low-ranking ones, as well, so that they are able to gain experience and unlock their signature moves. 

Each team has white cards and different-colored cards based on the Ooblet that denote signature moves. For example, Shrumbos have red cards, Clompers have green cards, Fleebles have purple cards, and Wigglewips have brown cards. It's these cards that can turn the tide of a Dance Battle.

New signature ability cards unlock at Level 1, Level 3, and Level 6. To view an Ooblets' unique dance moves, open your Grumboire, go to the Ooblets tab, hover over a character, and choose "Manage." Then select the second-to-last option in the right-hand menu, "View Moves." You can add Ooblets from your Home Buddies in this menu, as well. Manage them and select "Add to Team." 

All cards have a cost in beats (some cost 0 beats and should always be played), and each turn allows you to spend only a limited number of beats per turn. You can see this in the lower left portion of the screen underneath the points bar. Here is a complete breakdown of beats within various match-ups:

  • 1v1 Dance Battle = 20 Winning Points (3 Beats per turn).
  • 2v2 Dance Battle = 25 Winning Points (4 Beats per turn).
  • 3v3 Dance Battle = 30 Winning Points (4 Beats per turn).
  • 4v4 Dance Battle = 35 Winning Points (5 Beats per turn).
  • 5v5 Dance Battle = 40 Winning Points (5 Beats per turn).
  • 6v6 Dance Battle = 40 Winning Points (5 Beats per turn).

There are only eight white, general-move cards in the game:

  • Lil Lindy: Earn 2 points.
  • Gavotte Trot: Earn 4 points.
  • Flip Floss: Earn 7 points.
  • Takey Tap Tap: Steal 3 points.
  • One Step Pep: Gain 1 hype.
  • Rhythm & Grow: Gain 1 beat.
  • Rig-a-Jig: Add 1 move to your hand.
  • Trepidation: Adds useless cards to opponent's deck.

In general, the most useful of these cards are Flip FlossTakey Tap TapRig-a-Jig, and Trepidation. Although these white cards are helpful, you need to mostly rely on signature moves to win. Each Ooblet has three signature cards. These are the best ones:

  • Legsy (Pike Drop).
  • Derble (Bon Bon Bop).
  • Dooziedug (Todoozie Three).
  • Fripp (Loaded Lindy).
  • Grebun (Todoozie Three).
  • Gumple (Todoozie Three).
  • Hermble (Hokeyokay).
  • Kingwa (Todoozie Three).
  • Oogum (Counter Projection).
  • Petula (Blue Sky This).
  • Radlad (Big Flourish).
  • Spuddle (Group Think Slink).
  • Tamlin (Todoozie Three).

Hype and Fluster Buffs and Debuffs

It's important to remember that while you can't win without getting the necessary number of points in each match, focusing on points every turn could actually make you lose. That's because of the game's Hype and Fluster mechanics.

  • Every 1 point of Hype increases the point total for every card by 1 point.
  • Every 1 point of Fluster decreases the point total for every card by 1 point. 

That means you should always play cards that increase your Hype level and cards that increase your opponent's Fluster level. Take the time to look over your deck at the start of each hand and play Hype cards first since they instantly raise the point total of all cards. You can win without Flustering your opponent, but more Hype always means quicker victories.

Also keep in mind that each point of Hype counteracts each point of Fluster, and vice versa. If your opponent has added 2 points of Fluster to your group, you can play 1 Hype card to decrease that total to 1 Fluster — or a 2 Hype card to remove it completely. The same goes for your opponent and their Hype. Hit them with Fluster to decrease or remove any Hype they've accrued.

Lastly, there are unique cards that allow you to convert your opponent's Hype into points for your team or convert your own Hype into points, so keep an eye out for those, as well.  

Be sure to practice your moves and strategies in the Dance Barn once you open it up about mid-way through the game. You can take on other Ooblet troupes for prizes like Oobsidian and Wishies, but each dance-off also teaches you about different situations you might find out in the wild. 

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Published Sep. 12th 2022

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