Outlast Trials: How to Unlock Prescriptions

Prescriptions are upgrades in The Outlast Trials, so here's a guide on how to unlock them.

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The Outlast Trials includes a few ways for you to make the game a bit easier, and one method is through learning how to unlock Prescriptions. The effects of Prescriptions might seem small, but they add up.

Outlast Trials: How to Unlock Prescriptions

Unlocking Prescriptions is done by increasing your Therapy Level to 3. Therapy Levels are earned by playing through Trials, and you’ll earn some experience whether you pass the Trial or fail. Failing simply gives you far less experience.

I reached Therapy Level 3 after about two or three Trials, so it doesn’t take too long to unlock Prescriptions.

When you reach Therapy Level 3, you’ll receive a task to go speak with the facility’s nurse. She’s not difficult to find, and you can use the white “Pharmacy” line on the ground to get to her.

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Outlast Trials: What Are Prescriptions?

You’ll be able to purchase one of the Tier 1 Pharmaceuticals. These are permanent upgrades, so you don’t need to swap them out the way you would with Rigs. Once purchased, it’ll always be active.

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Once you purchase every Tier 1 Upgrade, you’ll gain access to Tier 2 Pharmaceuticals. As you continue playing through Trials, you’ll be able to grab every Prescription in time.

The Outlast Trials is in Early Access, and that means that some information included in this guide could be changed as the game is updated and reaches its full release. In the meantime, we have more guides to check out such as how to decorate your cell for a personal touch or how to further customize your character.

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