Outriders players are experiencing crashing issues when trying to complete the quest, A Bad Day. Square has issued some guidance.

Outriders A Bad Day Quest: Potential Crashing Fixes

Outriders players are experiencing crashing issues when trying to complete the quest, A Bad Day. Square has issued some guidance.

Those playing Outriders on PC have been met with quite a few issues on launch day, with the game’s Steam forum currently filling up with various bug reports. One pertains to the quest, A Bad Day, which crashes when players try to redeem their rewards. It appears to be a different problem than what bugged the quest in the game’s demo and requires a different fix. 

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The development team is currently aware of the problem and has issued guidance for the bug over on the Outriders‘ Reddit. It specifically seems to revolve around the pre-order DLC Hell’s Rangers armor sets and weapons. 

How to Fix A Bad Day Crashing Bug

Square advises that any players experiencing this issue on PC remove all of the Hell’s Rangers items they have may have equipped or in their inventories. As noted by the developers, they can easily be placed in the stash, which is located to the right of Eva, in the same location as Jakub, the matchmaking terminal, and the fast travel banner. 

Per Square: 

Place the Hells Rangers items in your stash until you have received the side quest rewards. You can bring them back into your inventory once the quest has been completed.

Some, including the developers, have mentioned that legendaries carried over from the demo could also be causing the problem. Try unequipping/removing them before visiting Eva and completing the quest. 

Unfortunately, it also appears that some players are running into the bug whether they have the Hell’s Rangers equipment or not. And others have run into the issue without having any legendaries equipped or in their inventory. There is, as of this writing, no known workaround for those specific crashing issues. 

For now, those are the only two ways to “fix” the crashes associated with Outriders‘ A Bad Day side quest. If you’ve yet to finish the quest, try taking these measures before completing it to nab your rewards and XP (hopefully) without issue. We’ll update this article with more information once it becomes available. 

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