Outriders Worldslayer: Ascension System Explained

Outriders Worldslayer adds a new system to continue making your Outrider stronger without increasing the level cap.

Outriders Worldslayer adds a new system to continue making your Outrider stronger without increasing the level cap.

The Worldslayer expansion for looter shooter Outriders gives players new ways to progress their favorite classes. Instead of increasing the level cap and running into a Destiny situation, Worldslayer adds two new systems that allow players to continue powering up. The first and most vital of these is the Ascension System. 

The level cap for the base Outriders game is capped at 30. When first launching Worldslayer, you can either choose a Level 30 character you’ve leveled yourself, or you can roll a new one and jump right into the new missions. One of the first things you’ll notice is that instead of working towards the next level, the meter at the top of your screen measures your Ascension level. 

What are Ascension Points?

The new endgame leveling system in Outriders Worldslayer allows you to spend hard-earned XP on making small tweaks to your build. You no longer get Skill points on the occasional level, but you instead earn one Ascension point per time you fill the experience bar. Each Ascension point can be spent on upgrading one of 20 passive attributes in the Ascension section in the Class tab. These passives are split into four categories; Brutality, Anomaly, Endurance, and Prowess

Each category contains five different passive buffs that you can continue to put up to 10 Ascension points into.

  • Anomaly powers focus on buffing your current abilities.
  • Brutality allows you to deal more damage across the board.
  • Endurance obviously boosts your health, armor, and resistances.
  • Prowess passives focus on making you more efficient by boosting critical hits and reducing cooldowns and reload times.

The system may seem underwhelming at first since there is no way to gain new abilities in the Ascension tree. However, there is a whole other new system in place for traditional skill trees. For that, you will need to spend PAX points. These points can be put into a new skill tree that gives each class two new subclasses to choose from. You’ll gain PAX points at a much, much slower rate than Ascension points, and there is only a small handful of them in the game, making Ascension points your primary method of leveling up in Worldslayer.

You can fill out the entire tree by gaining all 200 Ascension points per character, but most players probably won’t get that far. According to developer People Can Fly, getting all 200 Ascension points would take hundreds of hours of time to achieve

Now that you have a grip on Ascension points and how they differ from PAX points, you can go ahead and start building out your Outrider‘s new subclass(es). For more on Outriders Worldslayer in the coming weeks, keep your eyes on our dedicated guides page

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