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Check this guide out for all the info on playing D.Va in Overwatch!
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D.Va pilots a mech suit in Overwatch, so she was already a character I wanted to try. She is in the Tank role, but she can still get many kills. After playing her for a while, she has become my favorite character.

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D.Va plays quite differently from other heroes, and you have to learn all of her tricks to play her correctly. I’m going to explain everything about her and give some tips so that you can learn to master this unique character.

Be sure to check the Overwatch Beginner Tips and Tricks for general help with the game.

Note: This info comes from closed beta so there will most likely be changed by the time the full game releases. I will update this guide over time as changes to the game are made.

This guide will cover everything about the hero D.Va in Overwatch including:

  • D.Va Basic Info – A little of D.Va’s background and descriptions of her abilities.
  • D.Va Gameplay Tips – Tips for using D.Va effectively. 

D.Va Basic Info

D.Va pilots a mech suit during main combat. She is a 19-year old South Korean who used to be a professional gamer. Now, she pilots a mech for the Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army.

Another unique thing about D.Va is that when her mech is destroyed, she doesn’t die. Instead, she ejects and can run around with her Light Gun.


Overwatch D.Va abilities

  • Fusion Cannons – Her main weapon shoots 2 short-range rotating cannons. They never have to be reloaded, but they slow D.Va’s movement drastically while firing.
  • Boosters – This launches D.Va in the air, and she can fly around for a short time. She can also knock enemies back if she flies into them.
  • Defense Matrix – This puts up a targeting array in front of you that destroys all incoming projectiles for a short time.
  • Light Gun – When D.Va ejects from her mech, she can shoot with this automatic pistol. She has no abilities other than the gun in this state, but she can call a new mech when her ultimate fully charges.
  • (Ultimate Ability) Self-Destruct – D.Va ejects from her mech and causes it to explode in a wide radius, dealing massive damage to those in range. You can immediately call in a new mech if you self-destruct.
  • (Ultimate Ability) Call Mech – D.Va call in a new mech to pilot.

D.Va Gameplay Tips

D.Va is a Tank, so she has a lot of health and can soak up damage. She has many offensive abilities as well, and her Defense Matrix only blocks projectiles – so you have to play her a little differently.

  • Get close when attacking.
    • Her Fusions Cannons deal high damage, but only at close range. They also cause her to move slow, so you want to get close.
    • It is okay to finish people off, or help a teammate, at range.
  • Boosters are both offensive and defensive.
    • This is probably her best ability. You can knock people off of objective, away from others, off buildings, and more.
    • This also does damage, so you can finish off weak enemies or soften them up for your Fusion Cannons.
    • You can use this to fly to hard to reach areas, escape combat if you are at low health, and travel quickly across the map.
  • Use the Defense Matrix Often.
    • D.Va is still a tank, so you are meant to soak up damage for your team.
    • Most attacks are projectiles, so this is still highly effective.

Overwatch D.Va Defense Matrix

  • Know when to use Self-Destruct.
    • Self-Destruct will kill nearly everyone in its radius, including you. Use it when you can make an escape or when dying isn’t a huge problem.
    • It is also good for area denial. Even if you can’t kill anyone, it will clear the objective area if you use it at the right spot.
    • If you are close to death, sometimes it is better to self-destruct if you can get away because you’ll be able to call in a new mech immediately.
  • Use Boosters when you use Self-Destruct.
    • This is huge because if you use boosters while using self-destruct, the mech continues flying forward for a short time before exploding.
    • This gives you plenty of time to escape the explosion, you can push it towards a group of enemies, and it is much harder for enemies to escape the explosion.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics when you are not in your mech.
    • You go from 500 health to 150 health are are very weak out of your mech.
    • Your ultimate charges faster and automatically over time, so you just try to stay alive long enough to call the mech.

Using the self-destruct at the right times can completely turn games, and I think that’s what makes D.Va such a threat. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use boosters almost every time you self-destruct.

Once you get used to the dance of going in and out of your mech, you’ll be a master of D.Va. Even though she can’t do much outside the mech, it is much better to stay alive than dying and running back.

That’s all for my D.Va Info and Tips in Overwatch. Let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own!

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