Overwatch Guide: Sombra Info and Tips

Learn how to be an expert hacker in Overwatch with this Sombra guide!

Learn how to be an expert hacker in Overwatch with this Sombra guide!
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Sombra is a unique offense character in Overwatch that uses a machine pistol as her main weapon. Her hacking skills allow her to provide much needed support in addition to her offense, while her stealth and translocator make her as hard to pin down as Tracer.

If you like offense, hacking, stealth, and want to support your team at the same time, Sombra is the hero for you. I’m going to go over some info, as well as some tips on playing Sombra.

This guide will cover everything about the hero Sombra in Overwatch including:

  • Sombra Basic Info – A little of Sombra’s background and descriptions of her abilities.
  • Sombra Combat Tips – Tips for using Sombra effectively. 

Sombra Basic Info

Sombra is originally from Dorado, Mexico and her birth name is unknown. She was an orphan from the Omnic Crisis and used her hacking and computer skills to survive. 

Eventually, she joined a gang called Los Muertos and helped in a revolution against the Mexican government. Her hacking exploits led to her stumbling upon a global conspiracy and she was noticed. This forced her to delete all traces of her identity and go into hiding until she was safe.

She later came back better than ever, and eventually joined Talon. Sombra’s hacks caused a revolution in Mexico against LumeriCo, and breached the security of Volskaya Industries.

overwatch sombra abilities

  • Machine Pistol – Her main weapon is fully automatic and shoots in a short-range spread.
    • She doesn’t do damage as fast as Tracer, but can shoot longer.
  • Hack (Alternate Fire) – Hacks an enemy to temporarily stop them from using abilities.
    • This can also be sued to hack health packs, which lowers the cooldown on them and makes opponents unable to use them.
  • Translocator – Throws a beacon that Sombra can teleport to, even in mid-air, by pushing the ability button again.
  • Thermoptic Camo – Turn invisible for a short time. Attacking, being attacked, or using abilities will turn you visible again. 
  • (Ultimate Ability) EMP – Destroys all shield and barriers in the area, as well as hacks every opponent withing range.

Sombra Combat Tips

Sombra is an offense character, which means her main job is to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy team. However, you should keep her abilities in mind so that you can provide huge support to your team.

  • Master the Stealth and Translocator abilities
    • Doing the most damage you can will depend on you surprising the enemy. 
    • Learning how far and high her beacon goes, how long it lasts, and the best spots to use it will put you well above the average Sombra player.
    • Knowing the delay you get when exiting stealth, and using it at the right time, will give you the jump on anyone in a firefight.
  • Don’t go it alone
    • Sombra is fantastic, but she doesn’t deal damage as fast a Reaper or Tracer. 
    • Her abilities provide huge support, so always go in with a team.

overwatch sombra combat

  • Hack well and often
    • Hacking is huge because you can completely shut down another player.
    • Knowing who the hack is the biggest part to using the ability correctly. Reinhardt is good, for example, because you can stop his shield.
    • Also be mindful of how others abilities work. Hack Mercy before she uses her ultimate since it is instant and cannot be stopped after it is used.
  • Save EMP if possible for when multiple opponents use their ultimate
    • EMP can hack everyone in the area, so it is great for teams that like to use their ultimate at the same time.
    • The biggest strength is taking down shields and barriers. Using this to shut down Lucio’s ultimate for example, can completely turn a game around.

That’s it for my guide on Sombra in Overwatch. Let me know if you have any questions!

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