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Palia: Chapaa Rummage Piles Explained

Rummage through what Chapaas leave behind in Palia.

You’ve seen Chapaas, the burrowing creature introduced to Kilima Valley by Mayor Kenli, dig their way to freedom when scared or hunted. Now, you can check out what they bury in their mounds. Here, we explain Chapaa Rummage Piles in Palia in greater detail.

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What are Chapaa Rummage Piles in Palia?

Chapaa Rummage Piles are small structures that look like beaver dams. You can find them throughout Kilima Valley. The patch notes for update 0.172 state you can find these in all of Palia, but they currently only spawn in Kilima at five rotating locations.

Interacting with the pile will gift you a reward, from a new decor set plan to wood to one of the five new triggers for found item quests. The twig piles are in the same locations for everyone, so once you find one, you can send up a flare for others to congregate. That doesn’t mean you’ll get the same item as your friends, though. I got 10 Heartwood when investigating a pile, while the next person got a quest item.

The caveat to these piles is you can only search through it once per real-life day. This resets with every other daily activity at 8 p.m. PST. After you’ve rummaged through a Chapaa hoard, it will disappear completely. No white outline will remain. Other players who haven’t gotten a reward for the day are able to see it, however.

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Chapaa Rummage Piles Rewards

Kilima Rummage Piles Set

When searching through a rummage pile in Kilima Valley, you have the chance to dig up one of the new furniture plans. The Kilima Rummage Piles set contains nine pieces, which you can see in the image below. Most of them are baskets, which can add a cottage vibe to your home.

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Some of the pieces are:

  • Cozy Basket recipe
  • Sewing Basket recipe
  • Firewood Holder recipe

Found Item Quest Items

  • Wooden Box with a Broken Lightbulb: Walking on Broken Glass quest.
  • Bahari Boyz Record: Back in Town quest.
  • Fancy Quill Pen: Lucky Quill quest.
  • A Small Handheld Device: A Device in the Hand quest.

General Rewards

  • Sapwood x10
  • Heartwood x10
  • Dragon’s Beard Peat x1
  • Brightshroom x1
  • Stone x5
  • Worms x10
  • Fur x3
  • Dari Cloves x1

Those are all the rewards you can currently obtain from the Chapaa Rummage Piles. It makes sense that wood is a primary general gift. I’ve gotten all the found item quests, but only a few of the furniture plans. Hopefully more items will be added into the mix in the future.

That’s how the Chapaa Rummage Piles work in Palia. It seems that the dev team is looking to add in more dailies for players to complete as the game continues onward to full release. For more about found item quests, walkthroughs, or where to hook certain fish, check out our extensive guides library.

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