Palia: All Hidden Quests List

Some quests you need to dig for before you can complete them in Palia.

There are a variety of quests you can complete in Palia. Some are friendship or romance quests, while others are part of the main story. Then there are others that are hidden, whether they be totally off the radar or just triggered by certain items. Here are all the hidden quests currently in Palia.

All Hidden Quests in Palia

Found Item Quests

These hidden quests trigger once you find and interact with a specific item. They do get tracked in your journal but are hidden in the sense that you won’t know about them until you stumble upon the item. You can often tell an item or pile of dirt will trigger a quest due to the shimmer that hovers around it.

  • Lost in the Wind
  • A Century in the Making Part 1
  • A Century in the Making Part 2
  • The Old Coin
  • The Great Human Bake-Off
  • Fishing for Answers
  • To T, Love H
  • Best Foot Forward
  • Not Hungry
  • Wish Upon a Scroll
  • Founders Keepers
  • No Bones About It
  • Half Boiled
  • The Twins
  • Mystery Cargo
  • Family Momento
  • The Sea of Stars
  • Floating Relic
  • Trapped in Time
  • Whale of a Tale
  • Keyed In

Hidden Quests

These hidden quests may have items that start them, but unlike Found Item quests, they’re not tracked in the journal. They can be started by word-of-mouth instances, in the case of Hunger Pains, or from finding something on the ground.

They’re easy to forget about and lose where you may have ended. My best tip for these is to start and finish them all in one go, if possible. If you can’t do it all in one sitting, like Pebble Plunder, then make a note of what you’ve already completed.

Those are all the currently known hidden quests in Palia. If you’re looking for help completing these, check out our full guide hub for assistance. We also have item locations, crafting guides, and how to romance that certain someone you’ve been eying. Unless it’s Hodari. In that case, we’re just wishing for romance right along with you.

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