Palia: How to Complete Hunger Pains

Hunger Pains is a hidden quest in Palia. Here's how to start it and how to complete it for a unique reward.

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Hunger Pains is an unusual quest in Palia. As a hidden quest it can be tricky to start, especially if you forget about it after Auni mentions it. For those that don’t head to the Night Sky Temple, there’s little to remind you about it, and nothing in the Journal to keep track of. Here’s how to complete Hunger Pains in Palia, as well as how to start if you forgot to grab it.

How to Complete Hunger Pains in Palia

One day Auni will come up to you and complain that the blueberries that he puts near the Night Sky Temple entrance are being stolen. This doesn’t begin the Hunger Pains quest, however, it does spawn an interactable area on the left side of the temple entrance. Drop a blueberry in the shining area and wait until your next mail delivery.

In the mail you’ll end up receiving a letter from a Mystery Blueberry Lover, the culprit in the blueberry thefts. The letter reads:

Dear [Player Name],

Hello, friend. Thank you for bringing me tasties to fill the hole inside my belly. I sad because the more I eats, the bigger my tummy hole gets. Lately, I been smelling tasties from the barn where the woolies and cluck clucks live. It smells like sweet and warm. Can you bring it to me? Maybe that will make my tummy hole small again.

Mystery Blueberry Lover

This triggers the start of the Hunger Pains quest, with the task of figuring out what the sweet and warm smell is. If you’re friends with Badruu up through Level 3, you can check out the barn for yourself, but it won’t lead to anything. There’s no pies or jams in the barn. I did this and assumed it was something apple related since bags of apples were stored in there, but I was incorrect.

You need to speak with the baking queen herself, Delaila. Chatting with Momma Daiya reveals that the smell is her latest batch of Blueberry Pies that she leaves out for Badruu. Once you learn this, the quest tracker updates to leave a Blueberry Pie at the Night Sky Temple.

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You have to make the pie yourself with the oven. To cook it up, you’ll need to have obtained the Blueberry Pie recipe from Reth at Level 6 Cooking for 1,500 gold. You’ll also need the following ingredients:

  • Butter x1
  • Wheat x1
  • Blueberries x2
  • Spice Sprouts x1
  • Sweet Leaf x1

When you’ve gathered your items together, you need to make sure you have all the crafters. Blueberry Pie needs an Oven, Prep Station, and Mixing Station to be crafted. You pick the recipe from the Oven, instead of the Stove like other dishes.

With pie in hand head over to the Night Sky Temple. This time the interactable area will be on the right side of the temple entrance. Leave the dessert and wait to receive another letter. It reads:

Dear [Player Name],

Thank you for the tasty, friend. It was the tastiest tasty I ever put in my tummy. Unfortunately, my tummy hole got big again…so please bring me no more tasties for now. I hope you like the gift I made you…there aren’t many tasties to find here, but I tried really hard.

Mystery Blueberry Lover

You receive a Mud Pie house customization item and the quest completes. You’re also awarded 10 Renown. If you head back to the Night Sky Temple, you’ll still see a spot where you can leave a pie, but doing so doesn’t result in any more letters being sent. Who, or what, this Mystery Blueberry Lover is remains unknown, but it may be related to the various cryptids that are hinted at, especially the Beast of the Elderwood.

That’s how to complete the Hunger Pains quest in Palia. For more quest guides, check out our game hub. We also have where to find resources throughout Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay, how to get the different recipes, and what each villager is requesting for their weekly wants.

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